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How Can Mood Swings Be Controlled Naturally ?

How Can Mood Swings Be Controlled Naturally ?

Ever notice that how your mood swings can be a diet killer? Anxiety, stress and also crankiness can all sabotage your diet causing you to eat more and pack on those few unwanted pounds. Find the effective answer to keeping your moods under control with some of the nature’s best-kept secrets. Whether you have a […]

How to deal with the mood swings of your elderly parent

How To Deal With The Mood Swings Of Your Elderly Parent

Elderly Parent And Their Behaviour Are your aging parents driving you a little worried? If so, you are not alone. Whether we are feeling loving or merely dutiful, we are probably trying to do the right thing for them.  Let us admit it, it can be really hard at times, handling the mood swings of […]

What Is The Reason Behind Taking Saffron During Pregnancy?

Saffron is known for the exorbitant price it comes in, but also for its medicinal purposes. This king of spices is obtained from the flower Zaffaran and is rich in essential nutrients, known for therapeutic purposes. It has been widely used for the color and medicinal purposes, on biryanis, kheer, and traditional sweets. This main […]

Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Saffron

Commonly known as the Golden spice, saffron is rightly called because of its color. We all know that it costs an arm and a leg to acquire a small amount of this spice, but do we know why? It is because of its immense medicinal value and the difficulty of acquiring them in the first […]