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How yoga can improve cognitive and nerve functions

Yoga is a low-impact exercise  with a number of benefits including physical and mental states of the body. According to a recent study, It improves the cognitive functions of the brain and also helps to relieve from memory problems. Yoga balances the mental and emotional levels of the individual and also help the person to […]

Do Anxiety And Depression Have Adverse Effects On Sleep?

Modern lifestyle has made depression and anxiety a common issue for many people. Some of us can’t sleep on a few nights and in the morning, that makes us feel tired and groggy. It also affects our mood, productivity and even more. The image that happening every night. For many people, that is a reality. […]

10 Effective Methods on How to Improve Memory with Meditation and Yoga

Modern lives of people have turned more hectic than ever before, and people literally play the role of a juggler with the brain power in order to attend various avenues of life. If you have ever thought how to improve memory, the ideal solution lies in counting on meditation and yoga. The present day man […]

Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners- Easy steps towards meditation

Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners- Easy steps towards meditation

The word meditation has been defined differently by different people. There is no proper definition of this word. However, in our practical knowledge meditation is the power of attaining peace of mind. Some consider mediation as the tool for increasing mental concentration while others consider it as a power of imagination. Whatever definition you choose […]