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Learn how Increased Dietary Calcium can prevent Kidney Stones

Calcium is on of the major mineral components of the human body. It helps in the formation of bones and teeth and helps in maintaining many other functions of the body. Consuming calcium-rich foods is essential for us as this helps to maintain a good health and chemical balance in the body. Recently it has […]

What Is Bilateral Renal Calculi And Its Implications On Kidney Health

Kidney stones are described as renal calculus in medical language and they appear in the form of small hard deposits made up of minerals and uric acid salts. Though these form in the kidneys, they can be transported to the urinary tract including kidneys, ureters, bladder, and also urethra. This is a common problem found […]

Low Purine Diet and Reciepe Along with Thier Benefits

Low Purine Diet and Reciepe Along with Thier Benefits

When you want to stay healthy, you need to follow a proper diet plan which will help you to stay healthy. When you want to eat low purine diet, that means you are eating those foods which contain less purine substance. Purines are a natural substance which is found in some of the foods. If […]