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How Important Is Iron And Folic Acid For Your Bodily Function?

How Important Is Iron And Folic Acid For Your Bodily Function?

Iron and folic acid play a key role in performing some important functions in the human body. Iron is an important mineral that is essential for proper development and growth of the human body. Iron aids in metabolizing proteins and it also plays the key role in the formation of Red Blood Cells(RBCs) and also […]

Try This Iron Rich Date & Chia Pudding Which Will Make Your Day

Energy is an essential thing for a human being. It is the perquisite to keep a human being function. That’s what we want, that’s what we need, but we don’t always get it. When we’re energized, the unmanageable seems achievable and your frantic life feels like suave cruising. So what indispensable part of your diet […]

How To Get The Benefits Of Iron Folic Acid Supplement For Your Body

Hemoglobin present in the red blood cells is full of iron and that is why the color of the blood becomes red. Hemoglobin helps you to carry the oxygen that comes from lungs and spread to all your parts. As we breathe out, all the carbon dioxide goes out of the body. Anemia is a […]

What to Eat When Expecting – Importance of Iron and Folate in One’s Diet!

Have you just found out that you are expecting a baby? It is a well-known myth that pregnant ladies should eat for two lives. Though people do not take it in the literal sense, this is the biggest truth that has been carrying on for generations and generations. Though a pregnant female should not overeat, […]