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Explore These 5 Simple Ways To Prevent Anemia

Explore These 5 Simple Ways To Prevent Anemia

Let the food be thy medicine and the medicine be thy food – A famous greek proverb, can’t be more right! Anemia is not a disease, it is a good news. Wondering why would anyone say that? Relax, but it is the fact. It can be an indication of some serious illnesses and that is […]

Why is it important to have proper transportation of carbon dioxide in cells

While carbon dioxide is a metabolic waste product produced in our body, But  plays an important role in the physiological process. We will now know how carbon dioxide is transported through the blood, how carbon dioxide is converted into a pH buffer and transportation of oxygen  in the body. How Carbon Dioxide is important for […]

How to Increase Your Hemoglobin Level

Hemoglobin is an indispensable component of our blood, and it provides energy to the cells to carry out their functions perfectly. For men, the normal hemoglobin level is 14-18 mg/dl; while, for women, it is 12-16 mg/dl. A significant decrease in the level of hemoglobin causes breath shortness, headaches, increase in heartbeat, poor appetite, dizziness, […]