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How To Effectively Plan Cheat Days?

Plan Cheat Days

The only positive aspect of cheating exists when it is done to your diet. But as we all know, anything done over the top is toxic and non-beneficial.  Of course, a cheesy slice of pizza in the middle of your week, while you’re on a journey of weight loss, doesn’t hurt that much. But that […]

Is There A Perfect Diet?


Do you think there is a perfect diet? Is it actually suggestable to follow a single diet all your life? It is a long-lasting debate on what is the diet that best suits you. Conventionally, a diet is simply what you eat. But over time, the connotation to this word has developed to indicate, “limiting […]

Can you booze and still diet?

Can you booze and still diet?

What is a diet? Diet is a food which is consumed by all living beings to sustain, which provides energy to do all day to day activities. Generally, there is a misconception about diet, not eating anything all day long is considered as a diet by most of the people. They are very wrong and […]

How to balance hormones naturally?

Hormones are some biochemical compounds present in the human body which are responsible for bodily functions which are created in endocrine glands. It can simple human needs like Hunger to other complex systems like reproduction and even responsible to balance hormones and to regulate the emotions. Patients can control their health by understanding their functions in […]

Struggling To Get Rid Of Bad Habits? Do A SWOT Analysis And Be The Change

Struggling to get rid of bad habits? Do a SWOT analysis and be the chage.

Do you have any bad habit? Then try to give it up as soon as possible because these bad habits may interrupt in your life and also prevent you from achieving your aim. Your mental and physical health can also get greatly affected by bad habits. Without wasting lots of time, you have to focus […]

10 Ways A Healthy And Balanced Diet Can Improve Our Work And Personal Lives

10 Ways A Healthy And Balanced Diet Can Improve Our Work And Personal Lives

You may have wondered many number of times regarding the importance of a Balanced Diet. This is complete diet that enable you to maintain a healthy body and mind. A sound body not only consists of well-developed muscles, physical strength and resistance to diseases but also an equally sound mind. A balanced diet consists of […]

Prevention Is Better Than Cure- Why Checkups With The Doctor Are Vital For Good Health

Being Careless Is Not In- Be Preventive Be Sure It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure because taking precautionary steps beforehand is always worth than regretting later. When the question is about our health, medical fitness prevention is better than cure we should always be careful while selecting the things which are […]