Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Comfortable Sleeping Postures During Pregnancy

sleeping position during pregnancy

During pregnancy, what are the most comfortable and safe sleeping postures are the questions which come in the mind of every pregnant lady. They are always willing to take all kinds of precautions during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, a good night’s sleep is a must but is equally difficult. The sleeping position during pregnancy is not as same as your regular sleeping positions and it does not work in such cases. Body of pregnant women goes through different kinds of changes, which will disrupt the routine and usual peaceful slumber they are used to. Pregnant women sleeping positions are a very crucial thing to be kept in mind while going through this phase. There are books and manuals in every bookstore that suggests that during pregnancy, how to sleep during pregnancy.

So, figure out wrong sleeping position during pregnancy, because going wrong with it, can pose these problems:

  • Back pain
  • Heartburn
  • Shortness of breath
  • Insomnia

Have a look at the worst & best sleeping positions.

Wrong Sleeping Postures

Sleeping positions must be comfortable and should be done in the right way or it may lead to several problems like heartburn, shortness of breath, back pain and even Insomnia. Women should avoid certain postures while sleeping during pregnancy.

Sleeping on Stomach

Some women’s sleeping position in early pregnancy is on their tummy, which is absolutely fine. But as the pregnancy matures, your abdomen undergoes physical changes, and sleeping on the tummy will become uncomfortable. If you try to sleep that way, it may harm the baby in an adverse way. Wrong sleeping position during pregnancy might harm baby too.

Sleeping on the back

Usually, people think that sleeping on the back is the best position to sleep during pregnancy, and there won’t be any pressure to baby. But it also may affect baby position during pregnancy. Sleeping on the back is too dangerous; when you are sleeping on your back, your uterus puts complete pressure on a major vein that transports blood to your heart and if you stay for a long time in this posture, you could restrict the blood and nutrients flow to the placenta and the baby. It also leaves you feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Best Sleeping Postures

How to sleep during pregnancy? The best position to sleep during pregnancy without a doubt would be “SOS” (sleep on the side) and that too on your left side is the most ideal position. The largest vein supplying blood to the heart is located on the right side so sleeping on your left side is a safer option

sleeping position during pregnancy

Suppose if you sleep on your right side, the vein gets under pressure and reduces blood flow to the fetus. So, the posture is to lie on your left side and keep your knees and legs bent with a pillow between your legs. If you are anyhow suffering from back pain, then use the “Sleep on left side” position and try to place a pillow under your abdomen as well. If you have any heartburn issues at midnight, try to support your upper body with pillows. Experts suggest that placing a pillow behind your back and under your belly are preferable for optimal sleep with reduced strain. And finally, having a relaxed bath before bed would calm you down and help you feel rested. Before going to bed, drinking warm fluids like green tea, fruit tea, etc. would give you a soothing feeling. Lying on one posture all night is not comfortable, so tossing from side to side while favoring the left side is the best strategy for a cozy sleep.

Pregnancy Care

One should be conscious about intake of some pregnancy care supplements that are crucial for a healthy pregnancy besides position to sleep during pregnancy. You can suggest and recommend your friends and family about the best sleeping position during pregnancy. This would make them aware and they can keep the mother and the baby healthy.

Share this information with as many people as you can and help them know about the best sleeping positions during pregnancy.

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