Self Talk Which Improves Brain Functions

Self Talk Enhances The Brain Structure And Function!

self talk

How often do you talk to yourself? Although it may sound weird but we always remember it as a pretty stupid habit. Isn’t it?

Usually I talk to myself when there are dozen of things going back in my head. So in order to get clear process of perception, I self talk. Self talk also helps me to get back my control over functions of the brain when I start losing it in bad times. Talking to myself keeps me strong and gets me out of the wacky mess bombarding my head! Many of you may even do it when you really miss someone very close and dear.

self talk

Well, some earlier studies proved that reading and writing can enhance your brain performance. That is why, in your childhood, you must have experienced your dear teachers forcing you to write down important things with your own hand several times in order to memorize it well and thoroughly. Similarly, writing down things personally will help you remember it more effectively rather than typing that same piece of information on your desktop. At the same time, actively reading and writing text can delay mental degeneration, when compared to your peers who don’t from time to time. Researchers have recently claimed that you can also upgrade your memory with DHA.

Self Talk Improves Brain’s Perception and Thinking

A recent research study supports that talking to yourself that is Self Talk can improves your brain’s perception and thinking, its overall performance and functioning.

Self talk is also known as intra personal communication. Intra personal communication is the active internal involvement of the individual in symbolic processing of messages. In this kind of communication, you are the message’s sender as well as the receiver, providing feedback for yourself in an ongoing internal process.

Intra personal communication is the basis to develop your other forms of communications like inter communication and social communications, that communicating with other people, or communicating in a group.

Research Studies

Researchers from the United States have different opinions on the subject, SELF TALK. Their experiments have proved that talking to your own-self is all normal and also effective for enhanced function of brain.

In a research study conducted, he first group of volunteers, where asked to find some lost items. They were allowed to talk to themselves, whereas in the second, the volunteers were asked to remain silent during their quest for the lost items.

The results of the study were so that the first group of volunteers accomplished their assignment quicker owing to their increased perception and thinking due to self talk, that is intra personal communication which drove their brain information to arrive at the right solution, nullifying the standstill results observed in the second group of volunteers.

Hence, it was concluded that self improves perception and thinking fast and slow effectively. Also, self-talk helps you improve your self-confidence and lowers your anxiety levels. Since your confidence is boosted, naturally in turn self talk helps you improve human brain functions.

Things to Remember During Self Talk

So, you need not feel embarrassed to talk to yourself or talk with brain. When you are talking to yourself, remember to

  1. Keep it simply short and clear- especially at when you are in a fix and have little time to decide upon one thing and clear your confusion.
  2. Try and use encouraging words like ” I can, I will”
  3. Practice, practice and practice just like any other thing, because mental skills are just like any other skills. You got to practice them to enhance brain structure and function.

It has famously stated by Franklin P . Jones, go on, talk to yourself, because when all is said and done “one advantage of talking to yourself is that you know somebody’s listening”.

So for whatsoever reasons you feel like talking to yourself, do it freely without any hesitation! There is nothing silly or weird about it. But, if by chance someone makes fun about it, now you got a reason to outdo them.

So are you still hesitant to Self Talking? Let us know in the comments below how Self Talk has helped you.

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