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Secrets to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

You know how important kidney for our body is. It is the major organ and the most important when it comes to removing waste products or the excess fluids which are formed in our body. Through urination, we tend to remove all the waste products from our body. In the kidney happens steps like excretion which is complex. So, is re-absorption. Along with these, they also keep on releasing hormones that keep your blood pressure in range. Worried of formation of RBCs? Here, we have the kidneys helping. Healthy bones are just a gift of Vit-D, which is formed from the kidney. So, you need to keep this organ really well maintained but then how? So, here we will see how to keep the kidney healthy:

You need to drink water!

You need to have plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. Not, of course, overdose but yeah, you need to have it. Studies have proved that the fact that Americans don’t have so much of water are responsible for their problems related to the kidney. To remove toxic products or any waste or unneeded materials, it requires a huge volume of water as it is itself a big filter. If you are having water, timely throughout the entire day will eventually help in better functioning of the kidney and prevents over-calcification. You need to have minimum six glasses of water each of eight ounces.


Don’t forget to drink more water when you are doing the strenuous job in the office as the remaining fluid will be much lost due to perspiration. If you see your urine has abnormal color than it usually is a sign of dehydrated body.

Don’t go for caffeinated drinks like coffee etc. They do have water in it but then as they are diuretic, you will urinate frequently, and your body will lose water more.

 Natural fruit juice or that of vegetables are really helpful.

Blood pressure should be maintained.

The kidneys have got very thin arteries to fill the purpose of filtering. High body pressure can damage blood vessels all through the entire body and it also spoils these small thin arteries inside the kidney. You need to get your body blood pressure within 110/70 mm of Hg. If your blood pressure is more than this, then the arteries tend to burst and the kidney malfunctions and fails to do its work perfectly.

You need to keep an eye on your blood pressure regularly. You can go to a local clinic or to some pharmacist and get it checked. You may also do it with the equipment you have at home. Too much of tension (Hypertension) causes a rise in the blood pressure level, so do focus on that part too.

Female doctor checking young woman blood pressure

You need to have a diet with low salt. Too much intake of salt will increase the blood pressure. Try to reduce your stress and maintain a slim body don’t  overweight.

You may go for medication too. ACE inhibitors along with ARBs help to reduce the blood pressure and keep your kidney safe and function properly.


If you are able to maintain your weight, you can easily keep your kidney healthy. Check the intake of calories and also, go for some cardiovascular exercise done on a regular basis. If you are obese, there will be a strain on the blood vessels and heart, too, which is eventually increase your blood pressure. You need to work out starting with mild exercises at the beginning for half or an hour at the beginning.


You are what you eat!

You need to take in lots of fruits and vegetables which are fresh. They have got less of sodium and are a good source of vitamins along with minerals and antioxidants. Now, you know how all of them are beneficial to the kidney. For proper filtration of the blood, the kidney needs a lot of water, and we know they have got a lot of water content in it.

You need to go for artichokes, carrots, turnips, beets and seaweeds along with celery as they have got a moderate amount of sodium in it.

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For a little bit more of sodium than the normal ones, you need to have guavas or tropical mammy apples. Even, passion fruits are good in sodium. Don’t go for canned foods and pickled vegetables. They have a lot of sodium in it due to the presence of excess salt. So don’t for these too much.

Have fruits which have a high content of antioxidants, like strawberries , cherries , kidney beans or apples and berries which are dark colored.

You can go for supplements if you feel your diet is not rich in nutrition.The balance between sodium and potassium needs to be maintained well and if you have got high levels of sodium in your food by mistake then increase intake of potassium. It will reduce side effects of more sodium.

Coenzyme Q10 keeps blood pressure in control. So, does omega-3 fatty acid. Include them, if necessary.


Give up having alcohol and smoking.

Ethanol is carcinogenic and consuming too much alcohol adds to the risk of having cancer. It damages the kidney and many other internal organs. Acute kidney injury is a state where the kidney just ceases to work just because you have drank quite a few times in the same hour. Either you give up this habit, or you need to control it and have it in limited amounts.


Don’t have too many medicines.

Don’t overdose. Have it in proportions. Anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen should not be consumed too much. Use it occasionally when you can’t bear the pain anymore. That is not good for a kidney if taken on a regular basis.

Protein consumption.

It is a nutrient needed for building up tissues, enzymes, skin and many other such parts of the body. If you have too much protein, it is an extra load on the kidney because it has to filter out the amino acid part. If you’re already suffering from kidney problem, don’t go for it much.

Now when we have discussed, you need to take care of your own kidney and be healthy.

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