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Secret Foods for Being a Health Diva

Secret Foods for Being a Health Diva

The nutritional need for a women’s health is a little different from that of men. With age, women start facing a lot of complications with their health. In such case, the need for good health food becomes very crucial. However if you can include some natural healthy foods in your regular diet, then you can avoid the high medical bills and critical health issues in future. Here are top twelve natural healthy foods for women listed below. Take a glance at it and include all of it in your diet chart.

Top 12 foods for being a health diva



It has been proven that cruciferous veggies like broccoli are a great food for the good health of women. It has found to be a great agent to fight against cancer. Health specialists recommend women to eat broccoli almost every day.  It contains sulforaphane which destructs cancer and leukemia cells. This is a great agent to fight and kill breast cancer agents in women. In addition to this broccoli also meets the need of vitamin C in the body by 80%.



Beetroots are rich and buttery and is packed with nutritional values. It has been tested that a glass of beet juice can immediately reduce the blood pressure. For women, this food is a savior. If you are at risk of high blood pressure, then beet is the food that you must take every day. This is one of the best health food for women. Another huge advantage of beet juice is that it helps in increasing the body stamina in women. The increase of body stamina has been observed to be above 16%. This is a marvelous food product which ensures great health in women.

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Spicing up your meals with turmeric can really be helpful for your health. So how is it good for women’s health? It has been found that this spice is a great healer for the health problems such as inflammation, digestive problems, and arthritis. Turmeric can boost the ability of the body by 2000 %. It is very affordable and very common household spice which you can use without any hassle. This is one of the most common health food.

Sardine fish:


Sardines are ideal health food for women. They are cheap and easily available in the market. You can easily avail them. This fish is rich in vitamin D and calcium. It perfectly treats the calcium deficiency in women after crossing the age limit of thirty. Sardine fish covers 125% of Vitamin D in your body, and 35% of calcium needs are fulfilled by this alone. Nothing can be as good as this when it comes to health foods for women.



If you want to avoid Broccoli, or you are a broccoli-phobic, then you can go for this food. Kale is also one of the broccoli families. This food has the similar benefits as broccoli. It not only fights again cancer producing agents, but it is a great help for your heart too. Only half cup of kale juice can reduce your cholesterol level by 27%. Moreover, kale is a great supplier of Vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin A in your body. This is also a great healer for eye strains.



Blueberry is known as super fruit. When it comes to health foods, then blueberries definitely deserves a special name. This fruit comes with great qualities. It is a superb antioxidant agent and has anti-inflammatory powers in it. This fruit is also a great treatment for serious health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and various others. This fruit is a must for any women who are dedicated to having a good health and it is affordable on the market too.

Black beans:


Black beans are often overlooked by people, but if you know about its qualities, then you can hardly ignore it. Black beans are loaded with essential minerals, magnesium, and iron. These seeds are great agents for weight management. It also controls the blood sugar level n body. Along with these benefits, black beans are also found to be highly rich in carbohydrate and protein. However, they are not abundantly available in the market.

Tart Cherries:


while considering this health food, you should not get confused with the sweet black cherries which are found in the market. Tart cherries are different and are a great health booster for women. This has the anti-inflammatory quality, and it also treats the problems of arthritis. This is also a great healer for the post-workout muscle soreness, high cholesterol, and heavy body weight. This food is one of the remarkable foods in the chart of the healthy diet for women.



when it comes to health foods, then almonds can hardly be put aside. Almonds are recommended to be included in the breakfast. This cereal is loaded with helpful bacteria and prebiotic which helps in digestion and immune system in women. They are highly rich in calcium, Vitamin E, and fiber. It has been proven to be a great healer of disorders like diarrhea, and other heart diseases. This is a great healer of depression as it produces dopamine which makes you feel good. It is a remarkable healer of depression in women.



Women utterly need the supply of calcium to keep their bones healthy and free from brittle breaks of osteoporosis. In such case yogurt happens to be one of the spectacular health food for women. Yogurt is high in protein and calcium content which helps in the development of muscles and bones in women. This food is not only tasty but is highly healthy too. If you are considering the health foods, then yogurt should be on your primary list.



Like sardines, the salmon fish is also a great healthy agent for women’s health. It is rich in omega-3 which improves brain functions as well as heals problems such as arthritis and other heart disease.



Mangoes are highly rich in Vitamin A and C, and it has been proven to be a great protector against cervical cancer. Mangoes are also great for increasing the immune system.

These are the top twelve healthy natural foods for women. You must include all of it in your daily nutrition process to ensure a great and happy living.

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