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Say Good Morning With Banana Nut Oatmeal And Lower Your Blood Pressure

Nowadays, about 29-35% people do suffer from high blood pressure. If your blood pressure ranges above 140/90 for many weeks, then it can be said that you have high blood pressure. There are no signs and symptoms of high blood pressure, so you have to monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis to make sure that your blood pressure is ok. Sometimes if you get a high blood pressure reading at first measurement, then you don’t have to worry about it just because you can have high blood pressure for different reasons, but if you get high blood pressure reading on a regular basis then you may have high blood pressure which may cause you problems. So it is necessary to check your blood pressure to see if you have occasional blood pressure or not.  

What can cause High blood pressure?

There can be many causes of high blood pressure and for different people the causes can be different but most general causes are: 1) If you eat too much salt, then there is a chance that you will have high blood pressure. 2) If you gain too much weight, then it also can cause you high blood pressure. 3) If you are not too much physically active, then it can cause your problems. 4) If you consume too much alcohol, then it will cause you high blood pressure. 5) If you don’t eat too many green vegetables and fruits and if you eat too much junk food, then you can suffer from high blood pressure. There can also be some additional reasons for high blood pressure. 1) If you get aged, then your blood pressure will increase. 2) High blood pressure can be a genetic disease as well. Inlife_Ad_336-x-280 (24)

Effects of High blood pressure

High blood pressure can have some dangerous effects, In a severe case, it can cause life-threatening conditions as well. If you get high blood pressure, then the chance of getting a heart attack or cardiac arrest is also quite high. Sometimes it can cause a headache and it can affect your personal and work life at the same time. So you need to find a way how to get rid of high blood pressure.

How to get rid of high blood pressure?

As high blood pressure can be life-threatening getting rid of it is very much necessary. There are many ways to get rid of high blood pressure. Maintain a proper diet plan, avoid more sodium 1) Try to be physically active. 2) Drink less amount of alcohol. 3) Avoid smoking. 4) If you have gained some extra weight, then try to lose that weight. 5) Reduce the amount of stress. 6) Reduce the amount of caffeine you take. 7) Monitor your blood pressure regularly and try to visit your doctor on a regular basis as well.

How can blood pressure be reduced by proper diets?

To reduce blood pressure, proper diet is very necessary. And there are some food and vegetable that can be included in proper diet plans like banana, nut, and oats, etc. A) How banana helps to control the high blood pressure Choosing right fruits and vegetables is always good for controlling high blood pressure, and banana is one of them. Banana is fully loaded with potassium, and this potassium helps to lower the high blood pressure as it reduces the effect of salt and other sources of sodium. Recent studies have shown that consuming bananas have contributed to reducing blood pressure by 10 percent. So it can be very healthy for the people who are suffering from high blood pressure. B) How nuts help to control the high blood pressure Fat can be one of the main reasons for high blood pressure, so you really should avoid foods that contain high fat, cholesterol. But you need to fulfill the necessary amount of calories for your body. Otherwise, you will feel weak. So if you take an unsalted nut, then it will be very useful for controlling high blood pressure cause the amount of sodium and fat won’t increase in your body. C) How oat can help controlling blood pressure Oat is one of the popular meals in the world nowadays; oat helps to control both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and it also contributes to get rid of hypertensions, so it is also very useful for controlling high blood pressure. So if you have a high blood pressure and if you do start your morning by banana, nuts or oat meals, then high blood pressure won’t be a very big problem for you anymore. Inlife_Ad_728x90 (9)

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