Riboflavin, and its role in red blood cell creation-Blog

Riboflavin, and its role in red blood cell creation.

Riboflavin plays a vital role in the formation of blood cells and also maintains healthy blood cell ratio in the body. We are all aware of the necessity of B vitamins in our body and Vitamin B2 is termed as Riboflavin  which boosts our energy levels, promotes healthy metabolism, the growth of cells and also prevents radical damage to the cells especially of skin and eye. The function of B vitamin is to produce energy for the body by utilizing carbohydrates from our food. The complex carbohydrate molecules are broken down to glucose molecules, which is transferred as energy.  Generally, all the essential 12 B vitamins are referred as B-complex vitamins.

The body does not have the ability to store B vitamins as they are water soluble. The vitamins are necessary to metabolize fats and protein present in the human body and are necessary for maintaining healthy liver, skin, hair, and eyes.

Know the role of Riboflavin in our body :


Acts as an Antioxidant :

Apart from producing energy in  the body, Riboflavin (B2) also works as an antioxidant which kills the harmful particles called as free radicals. These Free radicals cause significant damage to the cardiac muscles, DNA and also contribute to the aging process. So, to thwart these threats Riboflavin acts an antioxidant which  prevents the growth of free radicals  and reduces the damage done to the body.

Additionally, it ensures the smooth function of nervous system due to the nature of anti-oxidant. It enhances the growth factors and strives for the production of red blood cells. Schedule a proper diet as the body gets all the required vitamins and make sure balance the level of Riboflavin in your blood. Otherwise, deficiency of riboflavin might be a  risk and that can cause several health problems to our body.

Signs of Riboflavin deficiency :

  • The growth of the body will be hampered.
  • May lead to Digestive and acidity  problems
  • Cracks and sores can be noticed around the corners of the mouth
  • Swollen magenta-colored tongue
  • Significant damage will to the retina, which may lead a visual impairment.
  • Swelling and soreness of the throat
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light

Riboflavin, along with other vital nutrients is required for maintaining the normal vision. In fact, it has been proved that riboflavin might help you prevent cataracts and drastically reduces the damage to the retina in the eye, which may result in cloudy vision. In an experiment done by the scientists, people who consumed the combination of niacin and riboflavin noticed fewer chances of cataract when compared to others who had other vitamin supplements. Further research is still going on whether riboflavin can prevent cataracts and other uses.


How to identify Riboflavin deficiency :

During a  visit to a doctor , he examines your tongue color and analyzes your health status. Similarly, you can check your level of riboflavin in your body just by looking at the color of your tongue. If you have enough riboflavin, the tongue appears pretty and pink in color, but if you lack riboflavin if looks purplish.

Halts the Growth of Cancer cells :

This can be a life-saving element as it hampers the production of cancer cells. Lack of oxygen supply to the cells bolsters the growth of cancer cells. Due to the paucity of Oxygen gas, cells absorb sugar molecules and continue to grow at a rapid speed. Riboflavin is essential as it provides oxygen for the cell respiration. It also needs iron, niacin, and pantothenate along with riboflavin.

Cells receive energy from the process of  oxidation or burning of complex food molecules,Due to the riboflavin deficiency cells seek an alternate source of energy where oxygen is not required.  This process supports the growth of cancer cells.


To conclude that, Riboflavin plays a crucial role in stimulating the blood level in the body. It acts as the antioxidant which kills the harmful virus and free radicals that enter the body.

Apart from this, it also weakens the cancer cells which grow rapidly. When riboflavin supplies enough oxygen to the cells for their growth, the cells does not depend on other sources for energy which lead to cancer.  Riboflavin deficiency causes severe health problems such as cataracts, low vision impairment but all the complications can be cured by following a proper diet.


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