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Research Findings: Omega-3 fatty acids linked to Cognitive ability and Dry eyes

Omega- 3 fatty acids are the essential fatty acids required by the body. They are beneficial in many ways as it has anti-inflammatory properties, good for neural health, cardiac health, hair care and skin care.

All the benefits are being evaluated or under research to find out the actual cause or the mechanism of action.

So, in this article, I would like to put forth some important findings in regard to omega-3 fatty acids.

At some point of time, most of you might have experienced some itchiness or grittiness in the eyes. In majority of the cases, this may be because of the dryness in the eyes.

Research Finding related to dry eyes:

Ophthalmologists slowly started concentrating on the connection between nutrition and dry eyes.

As a result, recent researches revealed that omega-3 fatty acids may alleviate the symptoms of dryness. Of course, still the researches are going on based on the amount of omega-3 fatty acids to be consumed for this effect.

In spite of all that, the latest research findings are so important that they are hard to ignore, according to Robert L. Latkany, M.D., Dry Eye Clinic, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York.

The randomised double blind clinical trial published in cornea investigated the effects of omega-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids and gamma linoleic acid (primary ingredient in evening Primrose oil) on the signs & symptoms of moderate to severe keratoconjunctivitis (commonly referred to as dry eyes), after omega-3 fatty acids were linked to reduce the inflammation in chronic condition.

The research team led by Prof John Sheppard from Lee Laboratory for ocular Pharmacology at east Virginia Medical school, USA, took 38 post-menopausal woman with dry eye problem as subjects and some of them received GLA, Omega-3 supplements, antioxidants and other nutrients as supplements  and the others were on placebo for 6 months.

From this study, the team reported that supplements reduced irritational symptoms of dry eyes, maintained corneal surface smoothness and inhibited conjunctival cell maturation in woman with dry eyes and who were under supplementation.

However, the placebo group’s symptoms still worsened in those 6 months.

Research finding related to Cognitive Ability :

Another latest finding on omega-3 fatty acid was regarding its ability in enhancing cognitive functioning among school children and even in adults.

An observational study has been conducted by Oxford University and found that omega-3 fatty acids can help boost memory and reading comprehension.

The study involved 493 healthy schoolchildren aged 7 to 9, who under performed when it came to literacy skills but were normal in other activities.

Findings showed that 88.2 percent of the children ate fish less than twice a week or did not eat fish at all (9 percent).

They also found that children, who are actually consuming fish rich in DHA i.e. salmon, have good memory power and skills.

Actually DHA makes up about 97 percent of the omega-3 fats found in the brain. Numerous studies have shown that everyone, from infants to adults, benefits from an adequate supply of DHA.

Low concentrations of DHA were found to be associated with poorer reading ability, working memory performance, higher levels of oppositional behaviour and emotional liability, which is a condition that can cause fits of crying or other emotion in situations that wouldn’t normally make one cry.

Hence, DHA which is present in almost all the omega-3 supplements and especially in fish oil supplements is highly beneficial to sharpen your cognitive skills.

From the first finding, you can actually know its effect as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Hence, share this information with your family and friends, especially with those who are suffering from dry eyes and cognitive problems so that they get it corrected.

You may either have omega-3 fatty acids through your diet or pop in a fish oil supplement.



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