Puberty and Girls - What should you know about it?

Puberty and Girls – What should you know about it?

Puberty and Girls - What should you know about it?

Puberty is a real crazy time that a girl can go through in her life. The changes amid puberty will happen to each and every girl! This is the time when a girl will grow from a girl to a young woman. It is a major change that can happen in your body. Also, it is the time when you grow very fast at the same time, your body starts to change into an adult body. Here is everything a girl can expect about her next stage, from milestone to milestone!

What are the changes that you can expect with Puberty?

You will have to know that you are going through a growth spurt.

It is a fact that you would not have been grown this much since you were a baby. In general, you might grow only 2 to 4 inches which are 5 to 10 centimeters in a year from the day you were born.

What are the changes that you can expect with Puberty

When you are done going through your puberty, then you will be almost as tall as a grown up. The first thing to grow is your feet. They might seem really big at first, but eventually, you will grow into them.

You can expect to gain weight as well. But this is absolutely normal and needed to go through healthy menstrual cycles. You will get curvier, with bigger breasts and hips than when you were a little girl.

The Plethora Of Body Changes

Your body is the one that generates the hormones to get your puberty started. The following are some of the changes you will start noticing.

Body changes

  • You will Sweat more: The first thing will be, you will notice that your armpits smell now. So, shower every day and use deodorant or perfume in order to avoid the odor.
  • You Will Start Developing Breasts: Initially, they will start as small breast buds under your nipples. But eventually, your breasts grow more, and you might want to start wearing a bra. So, ask your mom or wise a trusted adult to take you shopping for the bra.
  • You Will Grow Body Hair: Here comes the complication. You will start getting pubic hair on and around your genitals. It first will start out light and thin and then gets thicker as well as darker as you get older. You will grow hair in your armpits as well.
  • You Will Get Some Acne or Pimples: This is caused by the hormones which start usually starts in your puberty. So, always keep your face clean and use only non-oily face cream or else sunscreen. If you are having a lot of issues with acnes then it is better to talk to your health care provider.
  • You Will Get Your Menstrual Cycle

Also, Know When That happens!

Usually, puberty starts between the ages of 8 to 15 in girls, but it may also start earlier or later. That is why you could see some kids in 7th grade still look like young children and the others look really grown up.There is a possibility that you may not go through puberty at the same time as the friends of your age do. It usually ends by about the age of 15 in girls.

Puberty and Girls - What should you know about it?

You may also wonder when you will get your periods. Here is the answer for you! Girls get their period about a couple of years after their breasts start to grow.

Don’t Hesitate To Know About Your Menstruation:

Menstruation is nothing but your monthly period. It will happen once each month and it might last from 2 to 7 days. This may start at any time during your puberty, but usually, it happens after you have the other body changes. It might start after you begin growing taller or else after your breasts begin to develop.

Don’t Hesitate To Know About Your Menstruation

But don’t worry! Menstruation is a normal sign that assures your body becoming an adult woman’s body. So, let us look some things you should know about your menstruation.

  • You may not know when you will get your first period
  • You may get premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Your periods may not be regular at first
  • Use sanitary pads or tampons during your period
  • Once you start your period, you can get pregnant

Keep A Track Of Your Moods:

Because you really can feel moody and furious right before your periods and the reason for this is again, your hormones. You might feel these following things:

Keep A Track Of Your Moods

  • Irritable
  • Sad
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Less confident about yourself.
  • Trouble figuring out what you want to wear to the school

But luckily, your moody thing will go away once your period is started.

You ought to accept the changes in your body. Learn and try to be comfortable with your body changing. By any chance, if you are stressed about changes, then don’t hesitate to talk to your parents or any adult friend whom you can trust. At this time it is better to avoid dieting in order to prevent normal weight gain. Dieting is really unhealthy when you just started to grow after puberty!

Puberty and Girls - What should you know about it?

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