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How Processed Meat Can Affect Male Fertility, An Overview

How Processed Meat Can Affect Male Fertility, An Overview

Beware Boys: Processed Meat Can Make You Impotent

Have you ever heard that food could affect male fertility? No? Well, yes, there is something that most of the men love eating, even when it drastically affects male fertility. According to many researches, the continual consumption of processed meat can affect men’s ability to fertile egg, whereas if men consume poultry food more, then there will not be any problem with their sperm production growth.


The Researches

According to the research, men who eat processed meat frequently have lower fertilization ability. The nutrition department invited more than 100 partners to an IVF procedure and kept an eye on their diet plan. These partners were kept at Massachusetts General Hospital for this purpose. The researchers observed that there is a connection between the lower fertilization and processed meat consumption among men.

Men, who had less consumption of processed meat, have better chances to fertilize an egg than the men who consumed processed meat more. It was also observed that the men who ate poultry food has near about 13% higher fertilization rates than those men who were less interested in eating the poultry food.

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This research was done in the US by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School’s researchers. The Technology in China was also involved in this research. It was financed by the China Scholarship Council and the US National Institutes of Health. The researchers observed it only from their point of view. They didn’t do any lifestyle tests to prove it. Although, they couldn’t find any cause and effect of the consumption of processed meat to the male fertility. They suspected few things in processed meat which can affect the male fertility, but they aren’t very sure about it. However, the experts advise the couples who are undergoing fertility treatment to take the balanced and healthy diet. They also advise cutting the processed food from the diet at least in that span of time.


The objective of this study is to find out, whether the intake of processed meat affects male fertility or not? Infertility is the basic problem. Intake of Processed meat might be one of the reasons for it, but again, there are many couples, who don’t eat meat but still can’t conceive. In such a situation, you can undergo the fertility treatments such as ART – assisted reproductive technology. Talking about the statistic, there are near about 3.5 million people in the UK, who feel difficulty while conceiving. In such treatments, women release an egg in IVF – in vitro fertilization. The egg and sperm get cultured in the laboratory. After that, the embryo gets implanted and ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injection gets injected directly into the egg. Better conceiving can be done; you maintain a healthy weight, a balanced diet, no smoking, and drinking. According to the researchers, the frequent consumption of processed meat lowers the fertilization rates, and poultry food item intake increases the fertilization rates.


Conclusion The statement: men who ate poultry food were able to fertile an egg easily, whereas men who consumed processed meat often faced problems of infertility can be true, but the researchers could find the effect and the cause of it. There could be many causes lower fertility, such as unbalanced diet, intake of liquor, drug, and smoke.

The sperm development or the fertility of men doesn’t completely get affected by the consumption of processed meat. It depends on what quantity, he eats it. The consumption of processed meat would affect depending on their normal diet plan, how healthy or unhealthy their diet is and how healthy the person is. The fertility gets influenced by both these factors.

The theory of this research is quite sensible, and the consumption of processed meat affects male fertility but to some extent. However, the cause and effect couldn’t be found yet.

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