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How to prevent brain tumor naturally?

How to prevent brain tumor naturally?

A brain is a crucial organ in the body. This spongy tissue actually controls all the complex actions that include the ability to speak, learn, move, think, as well as control your emotions. Because of its soft characteristic, when the growth of malignant cell occurs, often it invades the surrounding healthy brain tissue quickly that results in brain tumor.

Even with all the advances in medicine and technology, traditional therapeutic strategies that generally remain unsuccessful and offer the brain tumor patients a dismal outlook. The patients who undergo radiation treatment and surgery have an expected survival rate of only 9 months. Only 10% of people who undergo chemotherapy have an extended life expectancy.

Here are some natural ways with you can prevent brain tumors


Owing to its rich medicinal properties, this amazing herb is a widely used one in the case of cancer. Plenty of malignant cancers has found curcumin to be very helpful. The antioxidants present in the herb reduce the free- radicals from your body, therefore, improving the immunity and health.

curcumin and brain tumor
Curcumin has rich anti-diabetic properties which make it a wonderful herb in order to use for diabetic patients. Also, it is a famous Chinese medicine that relieves liver and digestive related diseases. The anti- inflammatory properties of curcumin make it a strong herb for multiple infections, allergies, as well as inflammations. Curcumin has the power to fight against infections and toxins owing to its rich anti-biotic properties. That is why curcumin is used in many cosmetics because of its beneficial actions on our skin.


This ancient Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha is a multitasker! It is beneficial to the complete human body in a completely natural way. This also helps in cases stress, constipation, impotency, rheumatism and much more chronic diseases.


Ashwagandha plays a vital role in such cases. It has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help promote overall well-being and nourishes your body with immunity and strength. Apart from these, the Ashwagandha supplement has the potential to nourish the brain and aids brain to function quicker and sharper.


Tulsi has a powerful odor and consequently forms elements of various herbal products and teas. It is ideally favorable for the throat and chest. The tulsi herb holds tremendous antioxidant properties and it is believed that it will remove antioxidants from the body. It is said that it can help in curing common infections like cold, flu, headaches. Tulsi leaves are utilized and added while preparing tea in order to get relieved from the common cold. It helps in reducing stress and maintaining overall emotional balance.


It holds anti-inflammatory qualities and it is beneficial in respiratory inflammations such as sinusitis and rhinitis. The daily intake of Tulsi will help in getting relief from a croupy cough. Tulsi is utilized in making various cough syrups which will prevent cold, cough, and flu.

Ketogenic Diet

In the early 20th century that cancer cells develop off the energy from altered states of respiration. Glucose is a source of energy for healthy brain cells but cancer cells depend solely on glucose metabolism to survive. However, brain tumors cannot metabolize ketones produced by the body during the metabolic state of ketosis like healthy cells can.

Keto diet

Ketones are therefore an excellent energy source for neurons and are also produced in the body during conditions of low glucose. Consuming a perfect diet which containing sufficient amount of the healthy fats, proteins, and low carbohydrates triggers ketone production and can starve off the malignant cell growth. A ketogenic diet reduces oxidative stress and also inflammation in the brain and shuts down the nutrient supply to tumors.


Receiving sufficient amounts of sleep every day is crucial to the survival and also for your brain’s health. A detoxification route which is known as the glymphatic system helps in removing toxic waste which will naturally accumulate during the day. This structure is usually active at night and it will provide mitochondria in the brain, the chance to flush toxins utilizing the cerebrospinal fluid.


Sleep deprivation will obstruct the natural procedures of the glymphatic system which will affect the cognitive functions. Substantially, critical to the patients who have been through chemotherapy, sleep will allow cells to repair damage and restore tissues.

Drugs from chemotherapy and radiation have been allowed to alter the cognitive function of the patients will present generalized symptoms which are characterized as brain fog. The outcomes of chemo brain may vary from each patient and depend upon the duration and severity. This existence is likely a result the toxins compounds will be destroying neural pathways and healthy brain cells.



Brain tumors will cause nausea and an extreme fatigue to individuals. Ginger intake can help to treat nausea and headache in such individuals. It also contains strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which helps to boost your immunity. This also helps you to protect your body from infections that might result due to weakened immunity. So, you can consume some fresh ginger juice daily if you are suffering from brain tumor.

Fortunately, the basic essentials to prevent brain tumors is within your control. It is in the lifestyle that you live! When it comes to diet make healthy choices and same for exercise. Avoid carcinogens in your environment, and reduce stress. These are the basic things that can effectively reduce your risk of developing brain tumors.


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    very good info, doing some natural stuff need do more, facing radiation, have a benign meningioma right frontal non-operable deep in brain surrounding the carotid artery 1/2 inch so far not sure i want radiation thanks e stutz

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