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Pregnancy Symptoms: Top 5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms: Top 5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing span of time in every woman’s life. Usually, most of the women fail to realize that they are pregnant in their initial stage though the body shows various symptoms of pregnancy. A majority change takes place in their body hormones, and also they feel low in mentally. Not every female fails to notice it. Here are some common early pregnancy symptoms through which one might get help to know whether she has conceived or not at earliest.

Pregnancy Symptoms Are

Missing Of Menstrual Period

Pregnancy Symptoms

If one wanted to conceive and had unprotected sex on those fertile days, then there are more chances of conceiving. This happens when she has a regular cycle in every month, and suddenly this cycle stops. This is because the wall of the uterus gets thicker and a platform is getting ready to hold and make the fetus healthy. This is a very normal process through which every woman goes. In a very rare case, it has been seen that newly pregnant women do not miss a period. Once she comes to know about the first signs of pregnancy, she can take a test of urine sample on a strip to get confirm, or even one can get a doctor’s help to confirm this.

Morning Sickness and Nausea

early pregnancy symptoms

This is also a pregnancy symptom which generally occurs after 5 weeks of pregnancy. Nausea and sickness are seen usually more in morning hours but also can be seen at any time of the day. There are also chances of vomiting. At times, one may feel very much exhausted too though there is no substantial work done by her.

There is no specific reason for the cause of morning sickness or nausea. But it is universally believed that this all happens due to hormonal changes occurring in her body due to pregnancy.

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This is very normal early pregnancy symptoms. Around 60 to 90 percent women’s goes through morning sickness and nausea. In some myths, it is also considered as good signs for pregnancy.

There is no need to get worried about this problem. Just give some time to the body and stay calm. One can get some common tricks to overcome this, like taking very small meal portions at regular intervals. Increase the intake of fresh fruit juices which energizes the body and feel fresh. Indulging in the activities the Prego loves and also keep some crackers handy all the time. If the problem is more critical or serious that one cannot keep anything in the stomach due to frequent vomiting, then they should take doctors help at earliest to analyze and cure the problem.

Sore Breast and Darkening Of Areolas


Sore breast and darkening of areolas are also one of the common pregnancy symptoms. In this, the breast becomes so tender that it hurts at slight touch or movements. Darkening of areolas means dark skin area around the nipples gets darker, and also, it increases to an extent.

This all happens due to hormonal changes in the body at if conceived. It is due to the swelling pregnancy hormones, or the blood flow gets increased in the upper part of the body. The darkening of areolas can be seen early symptoms of pregnancy or at the later stages too. This is due to the body wants to prepare her body so that she can feed her young ones in her arms.

This is very common symptoms which are seen in every female sooner or later at the time of pregnancy. Even though one is very much worried or concern about this issue, then they might consult a doctor for their mental satisfaction.

To minimize sore breast problem to an extent, one can look for a better bra which holds their breast in a proper way. One can go for an expert suggestion or even try maternity bras which are specially designed for Prego’s and have enough space for increasing breast size. For the issue of darkening areolas there is no need to worry and with the time this also fade out or remains as it is all life but in the case, there is no need to worry about it.

Recurrent Urination and Fluid Discharge

Recurrent Urination

It is commonly seen that females had an urge for frequent urination at the time of pregnancy due to increased level of HCG hormones in the body followed by a vaginal or fluid discharge from the vagina.

Frequent urination is mainly due to increased HCG level or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormones in the body. In another way, we can also say this is due to the formation of the embryo on the uterus wall due to which pressure is felt for frequent urination. Vaginal discharge is a sign that a fertilized egg is successfully tunneled to the uterus for the formation of the fetus.

This is a very normal process through which every pregnant woman goes through, HCG level is increased in every woman, but it is not necessary that every woman will go through the problem of frequent urination. Discharge of fluid or slight bleeding is also known as spotting. This also means that an egg is successfully transplanted. In technical terms, it is known as “implantation spotting.” It is better to be careful if this spotting increases or does not stop then a doctor should be consulted at earliest.

Cravings for Food


Cravings for food is seen in most of the pregnant woman’s we can say that this is also one of the few first signs of pregnancy. Here the Prego’s are craved for different food at a different time. There is no scientific reason answering why the pregnant ladies get an urge to eat specific eatables. We can blame hormones here too.

It is said that this a way through which body tell what it exactly wants for example if a woman is craved for a pickle then her body is demanding salt probably.

One should be very much careful while satisfying these food cravings so that it does not hamper the nutrients intake of the body. Food cravings are usually seen for the eatables which are more salty or tangy in tastes.

These are some pregnancy symptoms seen at early stages of pregnancy, which affects pregnant women’s and fade out after some span of time.

So, if you are having any one or few symptoms, then a hearty congratulation to you. You are probably going to be a proud mother of a princess or a champ after 9 months.

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