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Pop The Golden Cod Liver Oil Pill And Stay Healthy

Cod liver oil Omega 3 is extremely beneficial for the human body is limited doses and what better way to consume it than cod liver oil. Traditionally it is extracted from the livers of the cod found in the Atlantic Ocean. To get Omega 3 directly it is best to consume parts of the fish but for most the supplement works fine.  It contains a lot of Vitamin A and D which is crucial for good health. Medically the oil has been in use for centuries to prevent more than one disease. The first documented use of this was however in 1789 in Manchester where it was used to treat rheumatism.

Stop rickets and other diseases

Cod liver oil capsules In 1824 the oil was used again to treat rickets and by 1930 it had become a well-know medicine to prevent rickets and other diseases that are caused owing to the lack of Vitamin D. The oil is a rich source of minerals and nutrients that take care of the overall well-being of individuals irrespective of age. Regular intake in specified doses can keep the body healthy and fighting fit.
  • It is very effective in easing the stiffness linked to arthritis. Those suffering from osteoarthritis can benefit from it hugely. According to research cod liver oil improves the cartilage damage that osteoarthritis causes by reducing the enzymes that cause the pain. It also cuts down the need to go for a joint replacement which can be quite expensive.
  • Heart diseases can be kept at bay with regular consumption. Even if you have suffered a heart attack or a surgery the heart condition can be improved and the functionality improved. The Omega 3 fatty acids form a lining on the arteries and help in protecting the heart. Also the presence of the Vitamins A and D help the body in absorbing minerals. They also improve muscle functionality and the elasticity of the blood vessels.
  • The oil helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and type 1 diabetes in children. A study showed that women who consumed cod liver oil during pregnancy had lesser chances of having kids with type 1 diabetes. However the supplement’s consumption should be strictly monitored when being consumed by expectant mothers.
  • Brain and mental health is boosted by the Omega 3 fatty acids present in the supplement. Conditions like depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder and psychosis can be treated with regular intake.
  • Wounds in the teeth, skin, nails, and hair can be treated easily with an ointment containing the liver oil.
  • Vitamin D which is increased by its consumption is effective for cognitive performance and improving the functioning of the brain during old age. It also supports a sound immune system which helps the body in fighting any disease. Additionally, it helps in maintaining healthy teeth, bones and muscles which makes the body strong and disease resistant.
  • One of the benefits of cod liver oil is that it also a rich source of Vitamin E that protects you against oxidative damage and free radicals.
  •  Recent researches have shown that tuberculosis can be treated effectively with cod liver oil. Test results showed that 18 percent of the patients who received the oil improved considerably than those who did not.
  • Crohn’s disease can also be treated with its help because it contains huge amount of Vitamin D which is effective on the disease.

Other uses of cod liver oil

Benefits of cod liver oil Regular consumption of cod liver oil capsule can protect you from getting inner ear infection which can be quite painful. There are other benefits of consuming the cod liver oil capsule supplements.
  • Treating or preventing skin diseases like psoriasis becomes easy.
  • If you are suffering from a kidney disease which is in its early stages can be treated easily with the cod liver oil.
  • It reduces high blood pressure but it should be taken in consultation with a doctor.
  • Those suffering from bronchial asthma can get a relief from the breathing difficulty owing to the oil.
  • It also helps in fighting any kind of inflammation.
  • Headaches and migraines can be cured easily.
  • Any kind of birth defect that can occur due to the insufficient consumption of Vitamin A and D can be treated with it.
  • Triglyceride levels in the blood stream can also be reduced with the help of this.
Research has shown that the benefits of cod liver oil extend to treating metal disorders, cyst fibrosis, allergies, muscular degeneration and sickle cell anemia. Studies have shown that female cancer patients who had consumed the oil had significantly reduced mortality rates in comparison to those who did not consume the oil at all. It has also been seen that it provides fast relief from inflammation and pain and depend on NSAIDS for relief.

Is the oil meant for all?

If you are in a sound state of health then it is fine to consume cod liver oil because it has a huge potential in preventing the body’s tendency towards developing a particular condition. Patients who are dealing with heart or mental diseases can consume the oil in particular dosage as prescribed by the doctor. Children and aged people can consume it in proper dosage depending on the overall health. But ideally all of this should be done after a consultation with the doctor. Vitamin A if taken in excess can cause weakness in bones. Also, pregnant women should not consume cod liver oil more that the required amount because it can then lead to birth defects instead of addressing the problem. Omega 3 is good for the heart but it has properties that can reduce blood clot formation. So patients who are at a risk of bleeding or liver disease should be aware of the side effects before starting on the medication. Fish oil, also known as brain food, is highly beneficial for the human body but only in proper doses. It is available in the form of oil or even capsules which can be popped easily. It is often considered a home remedy but thorough medical recommendation is necessary before consumption.  

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