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Penis Enlargement Tips To Help Conception

Penis Enlargement Tips To Help Conception

It has been found that men feel insecure about their penis size even though the size of the penis is normal. You will find a lot of penis enlargement options like surgeries, penis enlargement pills, creams, and supplement.

This article will be of great help to you to know the processes as well as the risk involved.

Pills, supplement, and creams


All these contain herbs, minerals, vitamins which are known for enlarging the penis.

Stretching and extending

The process involves placing of weight using a traction device for stretching a flaccid penis. Improved result has been reported by those men who have used this penis enlargement process.


Jelqing is a process of pulling limp penis by using index finger and the thumb. This is done to increase the size of erection. Pulling exercises increase blood capacity of erectile tissue of the penis, results in breadth and length of the penis.

The way lotion is applied in the same way it is done, and a considerable difference in size can be noticed between the flaccid and erectile penis.



Losing weight will help in enlargement of penis. Weight loss does not actually increase the size of the penis but makes it more prominent which is otherwise buried under the belly fat.

If you want to shed few pounds, then you can go for liposuction for removing the fat pad around the penis. After going through liposuction, you need to follow a strict food habit so that you do not gain fat again.

Surgery for penis lengthening

A common procedure for lengthening the penis is by cutting the ligament which connects penis with the pelvic bone. It makes the penis visible outside body.

The operation will lead a flaccid penis to gain average length at least by 2cms.   You will not feel any change in the size of an erected penis.

Penis widening surgery


It is not a mainstream operation as risk is involved in this procedure of penis enlargement though men across the world have embraced this process.

Men who think their penis to be very thin should go for this process of penis enlargement. Thickening of the penis is done by using implanted fat. But many complications can crop up, such as scarring, infection, lumpiness and disfigurement of the penis.

Other invasive options

A new surgical procedure is being followed recently and has been found to be effective in many men. The scrotum is attached to the penis. If the scrotum is partially disconnected, then it will make the penis look larger.

Another process involves skin of the penis is pulled back for wrapping a biodegradable tube-like frame which is filled with cell tissues around the shaft.

Penis enlargement risks


Before you go for penis enlargement surgery, it is essential that you know the risks involved in the surgery and how far the procedure will be fruitful.

It has been found that penis enlargement surgeries so far has not received approval of any medical organization for those men whose penis size is normal.

Research has been conducted on those men who have undergone penis lengthening surgery in which it has been found that only 35% men have got a satisfactory result, and the rest went for further surgery.

Penis enlargement disasters

If the surgery for enlarging the penis is not done in a proper way, then it will sure to have a disastrous effect. The most known problems include infection, scarring, develops impotency and decreases the sensation.

Lengthening surgery can even make the penis shorter than it usual size. Scar tissues reconnect penis with pelvis draws more shaft in the body.

Doctors approved process

If you want to bring a bit of change in the size of your size and want to go for penis enlargement, then you will be happy to know that there is only one process which the doctors across the globe approves for enlarging a penis.

The doctors recommended technique is shedding extra pounds from the body. Surgery for penis enlargement is quite expensive. Weight reduction through physical training is the best technique for enlarging the penis.

Being an overweight person, your penis will certainly look smaller in size though it is normal. Slim down to make your penis look longer and bigger.

So it is recommended that you think twice before going for penis enlargement surgery and follow the natural process.

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