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Nature’s Miracle Workers – Natural Antibiotics Found In Your Kitchen For Good Health

Natural antibiotics Naturally available antibiotics tend to work on human body miraculously when it comes to recovery. They help in strengthening the immunity system of the body naturally and also help in fighting illnesses like the flu, cold and cough proactively. Natural antibiotics don’t have any side effects and thus can be considered as the safest and best alternate solution for the scientifically developed antibiotic compounds. Nature at its best has provided us with a lot of sources that are rich in antibiotics. If you are averse to the idea of benefitting from off-the-counter antibiotics you can get help with these foods which are a rich source as well.

The top naturally available antibiotics


Garlic Garlic is the most widely available and the strongest form of antibiotic available in nature. It is not just anti-bacterial in nature but also anti-fungal and antiviral. It kills pathogens effectively and causes no harm to the body’s delicate organs. It is rich in sulfur which has healing properties. It protects the body against the damage of DNA and hence acts as an anti-cancer food. It has high levels of antioxidants and it prevents the oxidation of fats. It also fights against parasites and worms. The presence of a phytochemical called allicin makes it one of the strongest available antibiotics. Topical application of garlic extracts can kill acne causing bacteria.


Ginger is an extremely strong antibiotic Ginger is an extremely strong antibiotic and is used in most food items as it acts as a preventive measure for food poisoning. It effectively fights against food borne pathogens which leads to stomach troubles. It is used widely in preparation of sushi and raw oyster salads as it prevents food poisoning due to the presence of germs in raw food.


antibiotic drugs Basil like garlic is one of the strongest antibiotic drugs. It has got active compounds called flavonoids that protect the body at a cellular level. It prevents DNA damage and protects the cell from any kind of damage with its antioxidant properties. It controls harmful bacterial growth and hence is used in seasoning while cooking. Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in Vitamin A. These qualities of Basil, makes it an ideal cardiovascular health food. Basil is ideal for cough, cold or skin concerns due to its germ-killing antibiotic properties.


Blueberries Blueberries are rich in tannin which counters E.coli bacteria effectively. Tannin is present in highest concentration in blueberries and it helps in preventing bacterial growth and protects the urinary tract from bacteria that try sticking to the cells of the tract.


antibiotic properties This aromatic plant has extremely useful leaves and bark. They are infused with antibiotic properties of the compound Eucalyptol which treats the infections of the respiratory tract effectively. Eucalyptus also acts as an effective topical antibiotic.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants Green tea is rich in antioxidants and protects the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. It contains special active compounds called polyphenols which act as antimicrobial agents. If consumed for the treatment of any bacterial infection, green tea controls the rate of multiplication in the bacteria. Green tea is very effective when consumed regularly, especially during flu, cold and cough due to its soothing and warm effect.


Honey is rich in Vitamins, nutrients Honey is rich in Vitamins, nutrients and various enzymes which makes it a potent antibiotic. The very popular Manuka honey is the strongest kind of naturally occurring antibiotic that can even fight against the very resistant Staphylococcus aureus.


potential antibiotic This herb is rich in various essential oils and is a potential antibiotic. It fights different kinds of bacteria and on topical application, can deal with infections.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil It is a very potent and popular antibiotic that occurs naturally. It is widely used as an anti-acne agent. It can kill bacteria faster than most antibacterial agents and also speeds up the cell regeneration process. It also helps in dealing with infections of the respiratory tract.


Yoghurt as antibiotic This is the most common and easily available antibiotic. Yoghurt is rich in good bacteria that stimulate the production of white blood cells while boosting the immunity system of our body. It has antimicrobial properties that work well when ingested or applied topically.


Vitamin C The juice of this fruit is rich in Vitamin C and when mixed with iron salts, it acts as powerful topical antibiotic. Chinese people have been effectively using pomegranate juice for the treatment of gum and teeth infection.


Cherries are rich in anti-bacterial Cherries are rich in anti-bacterial properties and are used in preventing skin infections. Regular consumption of cherries prevents gum and teeth infection. They also prevent the formation of plaque in teeth.


Asparagus The extracts of asparagus are extremely beneficial in the treatment of bacterial infections. They effectively deal with E.coli infections and prevent recurring of the infection.


Cranberries Cranberries are very popular for the treatment of infection in the urinary tract. They prevent the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls. Undiluted juice of cranberry is consumed for a more effective treatment.

Why opt for naturally available antibiotics?

Natural antibiotics are safer options for protecting your good health. Antibiotic drugs from natural sources are a solution to many health problems. They are 100% safe solutions with no chance of side effect. The best thing about naturally occurring antibiotics is that our body’s immunity system gets stronger with their regular consumption and the microbes don’t get immune to them despite regular consumption. Children will love this alternate idea of antibiotics as these antibiotics can be consumed in a yummy way. The ones that are topical in nature like tea tree oil will be a soothing experience for sure. It is always a good idea to opt for organically grown fruits and herbs as they are free from any traces of chemicals and pesticides. One can get pure and natural protection for the human body by consuming these natural and organic antibiotics.

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