Why Napping Is Essential?

Napping: Its Significance and Benefits




According to experts, afternoon napping is a lazy habit, but actually it improves your work output. A short afternoon nap can pick you up from sleep deprivation. So you can work happily without facing any pressure.

A light nap can provide a meditative experience and allow you to consider problems and concepts with more clarity.

Reduces Risk of Heart Attacks

Napping helps in prevention of heart attacks in some individuals. The main reason for having a heart attack is stress. Now, taking a nap, assures that you take adequate rest that in turn relieves your stress. Since napping also improves your productivity, you are able to do your tasks well and on time, thus achieving your goals and acquiring satisfaction. So the overall objective of stress is resolved, which reduces the risk of heart attack.

Having learnt the benefits of napping, I am sure you must be wanting one, but you must also be aware of how much time should a nap last for. So, let us see the following.

Napping Guidelines based Upon Age

Age Length of Nap Frequency per Day
Newborn to 6 months 3-5 hours 2-3 times
6 months- 1 year 3-4 hours 2 times
Toddlers 1-3 hours 1 time
Preschool to School-age 1 hour 1 time
Teenagers to Elderly 10-30 min 1 time

Napping Tips

  1. Maintain consistent sleep
  2. Avoid sleep inertia, it shows a negative impact on night sleep.
  3. Avoid being caught while sleeping because it is not a good way to earn respect, so get an hour for lunch, eat in half time and then go snooze in your car, an unused conference room, or even a closet.

Finally, this article would have surely changed your thinking about day time sleeping. People who take naps are not lazy. In fact, they might be the smartest, most productive people you know! If your colleagues make fun of you on taking a nap every day, you can educate them as well with this article.

You can also check out our next article on what is a power nap.

If you are a regular napper, please share with us your experience on how you feel after taking a good nap?

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