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Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know

With the increased stress and work that we have in our day to day life, we end up neglecting our health. One fine day you will have to pay a huge penalty for that. That day, you will recognise for yourself and see how you have changed over a period of time. You suddenly get a thought that you want to take care of your health from now onwards. As a result, you start listening to the popular health myths thinking they are going to work for you. Don’t be in a hurry. It’s your health. What has happened can’t be changed but still, you can check for yourself on the diet myths to exactly know if it’s really worth a try or just a myth spread by word of mouth by someone who doesn’t even know anything about it.


Lose weight by cutting down on carbs

The fact is that carbs are of two types. That is simple carbs and complex carbs. Examples of simple carbs are the food contains with brown or raw sugar, Glucose, Sucrose and Fructose and highly concentrated fruit juices Foods that are a rich source of complex carbs include wheat bread, vegetables, and fruits as they contain the essential nutrients required for the human body.Here you need to understand that the carbs that will affect your diet are simple carbs and not the complex carbs. People completely avoid carb and end up getting sick. Please make sure to have complex carbs as a part of your diet to improve your health.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know


We have a lot of restaurants and junk food centers where they are coming up with the concept of providing food that is low in fat or has no fat.

The fact is that every food will at any cost contain a certain amount of fat. If you are not willing to put on weight then you need to go for the food that is low in fat. Before you go for those foods, make sure to have a list of foods that are healthy for your body at the same time low in fat as well. This is the right approach. Most of the people just consume whatever is given in the menu just going by term low-fat or no fat. Have a proper check before going on for such food items as that is in no way benefitting your diet plan.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know


People consider that you can lose weight soon just by having less food intake everyday especially by skipping your daily morning breakfast.

When you feel hungry you need to have something light and healthy if it’s not your main meal time. This will help you to sustain till the time you can have your next meals or supper.By this, you can make sure that your cravings for unhygienic snacks are under control. Never skip your breakfast, have something healthy like corn flakes or oatmeals to make sure that you don’t get tired soon.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know


Avoiding rice at night and going for something else

It’s true that doctors usually ask to avoid having heavy food at night going by the fact that most of the people have their supper late night. If you are one of them, who tend to have dinner around 7 to 8, then you can go with your daily intake of rice. By the time you sleep, your food will get digested. But if you are among those who have their dinners the late night, then you need to watch out your habits. Having something light and then going with a combination of high-calorie snacks, later on, might harm your health and will lead to indigestion problems over a period of time.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know


People go by the myth that if you are overweight it means you’re completely unhealthy.

People who are overweight with various health conditions. They include high cholesterol, blood sugar level and Blood pressure. Increasing more weight can be a risk for them. For the people who are overweight and healthy at the same time, they don’t need to worry as long as they are having a healthy diet and going for regular exercise. Overweight can lead to health issues over a period of time-based on several other factors.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know


Fasting or avoiding food can help you lose your weight.

They are people who tend to avoid their daily meals for a day or two so that it will help in weight loss. This is completely wrong. This makes your diet very unhealthy.At the same time, your body might lose out lots of energy making you weak. Having whole lots of food after skipping one or two days of meals is unhygienic. Since your stomach was all empty while you skipped your meals, as a result you will not be able to digest more of food at a time. It’s an advice that if you have skipped your meals for a day or two, start off with something healthy and light. Once your body is used to, you can have heavy meals. Never skip your meals as that is the only source of energy for your body.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know


You can lose weight only if you are determined and have a plan in place.

Well, this might actually work for a few. They try to align their lifestyle accordingly in order to get a change in their personality. For some, the way might not work. No two people are the same. So if one plan does not work out go for other than giving up on your health fitness.

Myths And Facts About Diet That You Need To Know

Now we are sure that you will have a proper check on details before trying them on your health. There are many more such Myths and you should not fall for them, dieting is only eating healthy and no where means cutting down on total intake or skipping meals,do not fear dieting by just taking it wrong.Care for your health, stay healthy!


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