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Multivitamins can Rev up Mental Functioning in Young Individuals

Younger groups are skeptic about multivitamin supplements, taking them to be crooked as the conventional drugs or just as the hype over health.

I even found some of them wondering if they are confined to the elderly folks, which is actually not true! Let me prove it to you…

Research Study

The research carried out by the academics at Northumbria University, shows that vitamin and mineral supplement enhances mood and brain performance while also reducing stress, mental tiredness and fatigue in healthy males.

215 men, who were full-time employees between the ages 30 and 55 were considered for the randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study. The participants were given a good multivitamin or a placebo for about 33 days.

The two groups were examined for mood, stress and health by asking questions along with certain physical and mental tasks that included metal arithmetic, with the help of a battery, before and after the study.



The study used multivitamin supplements composed of B complex, vitamin C and minerals, manufactured by Bayer Consumer Care, the sponsors of the study.

The Findings

The researchers did not find any pronounced differences in either of the groups initially, in their performance. But, after 33 days, the group administered by multivitamin/mineral, reported significantly improved ratings of general cognitive health, lessened subjective stress and elevated ratings of ‘vigor’, indicating the overall improvement in mood.

Also, there was a profound improvement in their performance in a given task.  The number of correct serial-3 subtractions throughout the six repetitions of the cognitive tasks, and serial-7s during the first repetition improved.

The highlighting point is that this was associated with reduced rating of ‘mental tiredness’ prior to and even after the extreme mental processing, implying lessened mental fatigue.

Often multivitamin’s are studied for their effects in older individuals, and there are very few studies that determine the relation between vitamin and mineral supplements and psychological functioning in the younger groups.

The conclusions

“Overall, these results suggest that improving nutritional status, by supplementation if necessary, may be beneficial to males within the general population as a whole,” says Northumbria University’s Professor David Kennedy, who led the study.

The effects of multivitamins for brain are most often researched in the elderly, and very few studies have assessed the relationship between supplementation with vitamins/minerals and psychological functioning in healthy multivitamins groups of non-elderly adults.

The very fact of being able to improve mood, ratings of mental health supplements and vigour and aspects of task performance by simple supplementation with B vitamins, Vitamin C and minerals, clearly states that having optimum reserves of the nutrients has a direct positive effect on the activity of the central nervous system thereby indicating the critical relationship between nutritional status and psychological functioning.

From this, we can implicate that even in women and children also can seek similar benefits. Of course it is possible to have these nutrients through your diet, but even consider the today’s situation, the pollution and the chemicals contaminating our food, limiting the nutrients reaching the body and the stress further increasing the threshold of nutrient intake. So, taking multivitamin/mineral supplements supporting your diet for mental health would help you maintain sufficient reserves of these micronutrients.

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