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How to Minimize the Effects of Jet-Lag without Disturbing Your Sleep Cycle

How to Minimize the Effects of Jet-Lag without Disturbing Your Sleep Cycle

Is not it quite hectic to get jet-lagged after a long flight? The issue of jet lag is directly related to our sleeping time mainly. Most of the people cannot sleep properly while flying due to multiple reasons. Just check out the causes of jet lag and the steps to minimize it below:

 The Reason for Jet Lag

The first and foremost reason for the jet lag is the improper nap. It happens due to the disturbance in signaling in our brain. Our sleeping clock is completely regulated by our brain.

In the brain box, we have a suprachiasmatic nucleus which gives response accordingly after getting signals from the rod and cone cells of eyes which are responsible for vision. This nucleus regulates our sleeping time.

 A long flight creates multiple disturbances in our circadian rhythm or sleeping clock. The mismatch in timing of your traveling zone and destination creates issues in sleeping.

Minimize Your Pre-Flight Stress

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Many people become nervous before having a flight due to many different reasons. First timers become overexcited or too much concerned about the flight which also the reason of disturbing nap. The nervousness creates stress in your mind. As we all know, stress is one of the main reasons of inadequate sleep.

So, for reducing your stress drop your nervousness first. If you are going to fly for the first time, enjoy your pre-flight stage instead having tension.

Finish your entire existing work before having flight so that there would be no unwanted concerns about unfinished work. Make plan properly how to deal with everything if you are traveling for official reasons.

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Do Proper Exercise

Maintain a good guideline and do moderate exercise every day which improves your oblivion. A proper exercise will help you accurately to maintain the circadian clock and also enhances the power of your circadian clock. Your doze would be intense as powerful your body clock would be.

As a result, you would get a tight sleep even inside the flight too and wake up with freshness. This freshness creates a positive impact on your health, as well as in your minds which help in reducing the tension and keeps you free from jet lag.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet is a must before and after a long flight to stay away from jet lag. Try to avoid junk foods and street foods before catching up a flight. During the flight, you also follow the same rules and avoid the junk foods and the beverages offered by the flight.

Unhealthy foods cause digestion problems which result in acidity, gas, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain and much more. These unwanted health problems disturb your nap and boost up the chances of multiple health disorders along with a severe jet lag.

Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits as much as you can before and after the flight to stay away from jet lag. Eat light foods in a moderate amount and try to have these foods frequently instead eating a large amount at a time. Eat the mood-enhancing healthy food items like dry fruits, popcorns or fruit juice in a frequent manner.

Try To Have a Nap While Flying

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To get a proper sleep inside the flight, it is better to purchase the ticket for the business classes or the first class. The first class or the business class is more convenient to get doze instead of the general coaches due to the advanced sleeping patterns.

 If you are having a ticket of the regular class, then you can try to have the window seat instead of the seats belong to the passages. Get adequate padding which helps you to prop up counter to the wall.

Keep Yourself Hydrated


Drinking enough water is a must during a flight which keeps you hydrated for a long time. Stay away from hard drinks before, after and at the time of flying as these all disturb in dozing. Eight-ounce water is mandatory during a flight for each and everyone no matters whether you are thirsty or not.

Apart from internal hydration, you have to keep yourself hydrated from outside too. Spray water or any scented essential oil frequently for keeping yourself away from the tiredness and reduce the chances of jet lag. If you use contact lenses, then remove them and flush water drops or eye drops before taking a nap during the flight.

Intake Sleeping Pills Carefully

It is not mandatory for everyone to consume sleeping pills during a flight to get enough nap but if you feel restlessness during your overnight flight, then you can step forward to it. Doctor’s suggestion is a must for the dosage of the sleeping pills.

Take the sleeping pills after having the foods on the flight. If you are not familiar with sleeping pills, then avoid the idea of trying it for the first time in flight.

Do Not Get Into Bed Sooner

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Never get onto the bed for a long while before catching up a flight. A tight long sleep before a flight can affect your circadian cycle too which never let you doze during the flight, as well as after the flight.

A jet lag occurs easily if you nap tightly for a long time before getting into the flight for boarding. The Same rule is applicable for the post-flight nap too. Due to heavy tiredness, your body needs to get relaxed enough after the flight.

As a result, you take a long nap after reaching your destination. It creates multiple disturbances in your entire sleeping cycle again. So, take a little nap for at least half an hour which helps you to maintain the body clock and also keep you away from jet lag if you need to catch the flight again very soon.

Thus, it is clear that the disturbance in your sleeping cycle mainly causes due to the jet lag. You need no more to be concerned as this article will help you to minimize the issues of jet lag properly. Enjoy your flight by having a tight nap.

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