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Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners- Easy steps towards meditation

Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners- Easy steps towards meditation

The word meditation has been defined differently by different people. There is no proper definition of this word.

However, in our practical knowledge meditation is the power of attaining peace of mind.

Some consider mediation as the tool for increasing mental concentration while others consider it as a power of imagination. Whatever definition you choose at the end you will understand meditation is a real good form of increasing mental peace. People of all age are advised to perform meditation.

Some of the meditation tips are mentioned in this article. Beginners will find it really helpful while experienced meditates can also go through it.


Begin with a daily practice

The first meditation tip which you need to keep in mind if you are a beginner is the daily practice. The amount of time you indulge in meditation does not matter, but the daily practice is what it matters the most. Once you start meditating, you have to continue it daily to get the best results. You have to understand; this meditation is for your own benefit, and you have to spend time accordingly. Keep a specific time of the day daily for your meditation practice. It is advisable you choose a morning slot for your meditation practice as morning is the best time for gaining mental peace.

Be an open system

One of the most important factors of meditation is it drives all the negative energy from your heart and mind. But you need to help yourself in order to achieve this. During meditation, open up yourself completely. Keep your mind free from all sorts of tensions, anxieties, and negative thoughts. Imagine yourself to be a newborn baby without any fear. Slowly start thinking about all the positive aspects of life. Keep your eyes closed and minds open. Allow your mind to accept all the positive vibes and then see the results.


Don’t think how

This section mainly includes meditation tips for beginners. Beginners often start thinking how they will execute meditation, and they end up doing nothing other than thinking. The first and foremost important point beginners should keep in mind is that do not waste time on thinking about how to start. Just start it, and you will achieve what you want. Do not waste time thinking on where to sit and for how long. Just sit in a relaxing chair which comforts you and start meditating. On day one you may sit for only 2 minutes but do not panic. These 2 minutes will gradually turn into 20 minutes and so on.


See the difference

This is also a meditation tip for beginners. As you start practicing meditation just keep a note on the difference, you feel with each passing day. Just see after a successful meditation period how your day goes. If you start observing your daily change, you will be motivated. Your motivation will drag you towards meditating each morning.

Meditate at your home

The best practice will begin from your own house. You may choose the most comforting area of your home to practice meditation. This section of the article will help you learn about how to meditation at home. If you are meditating at home, then choose the most comfortable cushion of your house so that the next 20 minutes are the most relaxing one. Light a candle in front of you or an insane stick. Either of the two will create a pure ambiance and will help you attain concentration. You can play any soft background music mostly instrumentals. Sit in a relaxing posture with your palms wide open. Open palms is a symbolic notation of accepting good thoughts. You let go off all your negative vibes and accept the positive thoughts.

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Involve others

Another thing which you can follow while meditating at home is engaging others. If you are thinking how to meditate at home, then this can be an interesting section for you. You may arrange a small meditation session wherein you can involve your friends and family members. Meditating with others is a good practice. It is said that you attain concentration at a faster level when you meditate with others. The more number of people the more pure energy you can gain from others.

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Know yourself

While you are meditating become your best friend. Start talking to yourself and you will find you are your best friend. Share your thoughts, your fears and everything with your other half. After you have completely done meditation, you will find that you know a lot more about yourself than you did previously. This is one of the attractive features of meditation. You will get to know yourself in a much better way.

Ignore whatever comes in between

When you are meditating, try to ignore all that comes in between your concentration. There may be loads of things that might disturb you, but you will have to ignore it. There may be unwanted noise in the background or something that might irritate you, but you will have to ignore it. Think it as it is your test. Try to ignore it and you will find the best results out of it.


Breathe comfortably without any effort

While you are meditating your breathing should be as normal as it is. Do not involve yourself in any sort of fast breathing while meditating. Do not control your breathing. Just go with the flow. Leave your body and mind and settle for the journey of meditation.

Leave with a smile

When you are done meditating open your eyes with a smile. This will ensure that you keep this smile throughout your day. The smile on your face marks the positivity that you gain from meditation. So, just keep smiling.

This article contained some of the important techniques and meditation tips for beginners. This section also includes how to do meditation at home. There are a lot more to the world of meditation. But we leave it to you to experience. Gain the most from your daily meditation and see the difference in your life.

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