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Meals You Can Have To Help You Nap Better At Night

You must hear the popular proverb that ‘a good nap is better than medicine.

Yes, a good sleep helps you to reduce multiple health risks. People become very cranky, moody or get annoyed for even minute things if the nap is not enough.

Multiple health journals say that an adult person must have 7-8 hours deep nap. If you cannot nap such a long time peacefully then there must be some physical problems you are going through.

Enhance your sleeping mood by changing your meals.

Here in this article, we discussed some meals which would elevate your sound nap. Just take a look.

Salmon Fish and Braised Broccoli Meal


Fishes enhance your nap amazingly due to the presence of vitamin B6. This vitamin increases the amount of melatonin which elevates the sound nap. So, add fishes like salmon, tuna or halibut with braised broccoli to enhance your nap.

Yogurt and Oatmeal


Dairy products such as yogurt have an extensive amount of calcium which boost up the sleeping of an adult person. Oatmeal provokes the production of insulin in your blood stream. As your blood sugar level enhances you feel sleepier.

Milk and Honey Muesli


Milk is the ultimate source of calcium which is an essential nutrient need for proper napping. Calcium deficiency can disturb your nap drastically. On the other side, honey contains a huge amount of glucose which informs brain to inhibit the orexin. This is a chemical produced in the brain that improves your alertness. One thing must be keeping in mind that one tablespoon id plenty for a tight nap. Muesli contains almost all the whole grains that enhance the amount of melatonin and insulin. Both the hormones are essential for a tight night nap.

Jasmine Rice Meal


Jasmine rice meal contains a huge amount of high-glycemic-index or GI, which boosts up your sleep interestingly. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat jasmine rice meal during dinner can nap well for long hours at night. Till date, though it is not sure how it does work yet as per some speculation, hi-GI provokes in producing the high amount of insulin. The high GI also triggers the ratio of nap-inducing amino acids and tryptophan in the bloodstream and boosts up the sleeping.

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Whole Grain Bread Sandwich

Whole grains are having an enormous amount of insulin and melatonin. Insulin helps in boosting up the level of glucose in the bloodstream and produces good nap whereas melatonin helps in controlling the napping and waking hours. Cherries also contain a huge amount of melatonin. Almonds have magnesium and tryptophan. Both the nutrient help in reducing your nerves function along with steadying the heart rhythm.  So, make whole grain bread sandwich along with cherry and almonds and eat the meal before going to bed at night.

chicken-sandwiches-with-caesar-dressing-parmesan-large-25809Sweet Dream Smoothie

Sweet dream smoothie is though not a full meal, yet you can consume it during dinner. The smoothie contains multiple fruits like banana and cherry. Some dry fruits such as nutmeg, cacao, almond and flax seeds are also the ingredient of the sweet dream smoothie. You can make it more powerful sleep smoothie by adding honey and warm milk. All the ingredients of the smoothie contain all the nap enhancing chemicals, as well as hormones. The smoothie contains melatonin, serotonin, magnesium, tryptophan and natural sedative along with nap regulator.

Cherry-Banana-SmoothieKale and Kiwi Smoothie

This is another perfect bedtime smoothie which you can consume before going to nap. The smoothie contains yogurt, kiwi, flax seed, banana and almond butter along with kale. The smoothie contains a huge amount of magnesium, calcium, nap essential omega-3 fatty acids, tryptophan and essential amino acids along with good amount of serotonin and antioxidant which is good for a nap and that is proved recently.shamrock-smoothie-kale-banana-kiwi-and-m

Kale Chips

It is tough to find a kale fan, yet you can convert the leafy cabbage into your favorite dinner meal by making crispy kale chips. Kale improves your nap as it contains a huge amount of calcium. The deficiency of calcium makes your nap difficult.

kalechips3So, add these meals in your daily diet and boosts up your night sleep which leads you to live a healthy and happy life for a long while.

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