How to Manage Restless Leg Syndrome | Top Tips by Dr. Mukta Agrawal

How To Manage Restless Leg Syndrome

restless leg syndrome treatment

Restless leg syndrome is a very common problem seen in people nowadays. But this syndrome is not very tough to handle. You can get relief from restless leg syndrome treatment by changing some major habits and lifestyles. 

The medical term for the problem is the Wills-Ekbom disease, and this is a neurological disorder. According to the National Institute of health, restless legs syndrome occurs to men less than women.


What are Restless leg syndrome symptoms?

  • You may be affected by the problem when you are lying down on a bed or sitting down on a chair. When you are ready to sleep, and your mind needs a rest, you may suddenly feel a sensation in your legs that you are exercising, called restless leg syndrome.
  • Generally, you may attack the problem when you are ready to sleep or lying down for a rest. So it may affect your sleep.
  • The symptoms of restless legs syndrome are very divertive from one person to other. For some people, it is severe, and for some people, it is a mild pain.

No matter what is the level of your pain; you can get relief from the pain by taking some easy and simple steps at your home.


Ultimate tips to restless leg syndrome treatment:


Change your lifestyle for Restless Leg Syndrome

In the modern age, every human being is regulated by a very much unhealthy lifestyle. Switching on a healthy lifestyle is a very important option to ease the issue. If you are frequently attacked by restless leg syndrome, you also need a profound change in your diet.


Restless Leg Syndrome Diet

For promoting good sleep, you need to trigger upon a healthy and balanced diet. Minimize your alcohol drinking habit and junk food intake level. Oily, spicy food consumption at dinner time is also a reason of awakens at night.


Quit smoking for Restless Leg Syndrome

Smoking is harmful to health, and it is also dangerous for restless legs syndrome. It can make jittery feelings to your body and affect your sleep and increase the chances of restless legs syndrome.

Supplements taking

Take Vitamins & Supplements for Restless Leg Syndrome

Taking vitamins, supplements, and vitamins medicines to relax the muscles is a very good choice to reduce the problem and also gives you sound relief from insomnia. Deficiency of Vitamin D is the major reason behind the problem of restless legs.

Compress hot or cold water

For relief from the pain, compression of hot and cold water is always a good method. Another effective process is muscle massage.

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Exercise or Yoga

To get rid of restless legs syndrome, exercise for just thirty to sixty minutes is very effective. However, it did not mean intense exercise; walking or simple jogging can be very effective for the problem.
Many women are now switching on Yoga to get relief from restless legs syndrome. Yoga is also very effective in controlling the stress level too.


Stress reduction is the best cure for Restless Leg Syndrome


Reduce stress for Restless Leg Syndrome

Take all the possible ways to get rid of stress. It is the main reason for insomnia and restless leg. Meditation is a high-quality process to get rid of it.


Go with homeopathy medication

If these methods are not removing the pain, consult a professional doctor and take the necessary treatment for the problem. For restless legs syndrome, homeopathy medicines are very much helpful too.

Homeopath treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome


Routine sleeping

Schedule sleeping, exercise regularity, and healthy food habits are very important to get rid of restless legs syndrome.

Stop taking too much caffeine

Too much caffeine taking is the reason for insomnia and as well as restless legs syndrome.

Massage and move


  • Before bedtime, stretch your legs.
  • Go for an ankle flexing formula for stretching muscles of the calf.
  • Always choose aisle-style while sitting on a theater or a plane and moving around or getting up frequently.
  • Give a “counter-stimulation” to the legs for relief from the sensations by providing a perfect massage.

Be active

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It is always very good to have some activity. Like walking, jogging or else some household work, those are very effective sometimes for the problem. Do it as much you needed. Never overdo the exercise.

Diverting mind helps to reduce Restless Leg Syndrome

Involve your mind in some constructive work, like watching the video or music listening, etc.

Iron diet

Iron is an essential food property for bone health. So taking a good proportion of iron is very meaningful to get rid of restless legs syndrome.

Pain relief treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome


  • For a sound, nap, make your sleeping area comfy, cool and dark.
  • Stop engaging yourself from the mentally exigent job before bedtimes like the crossword puzzle game, chase, or video gaming.
  • Remove the electrical devices from your sleeping areas like mobile phones, televisions, laptops, or computers,
  • Settle down a sleeping routine. Fix the same time to get in or up from sleeping.
  • Do some breathing exercises or meditation before going to bed. It may give you relaxation and relief.
  • Do not watch a horror or detective movie before going to bed.

There are many medicines available on the market to soothe restless leg syndrome. The food and drug Administration of America has approved some drugs for the problem. Mainly three among these are very effective for a reason.

  • Horizant or gabapentin enacarbil: It is a pain-relieving and anti-seizure medicine for restless legs syndrome.
  • Mirapex or pramipexole: It is a very effective medicine to persuade the motion of dopamine, a chemical that helps the movement of the brain control muscles.
  • Requip or the ropinirole hydrochloride: It is a drug that has a similar effect on the Mirapex. This drug is generally used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Neupro or the rotigotine: This drug is governed by scraps

These medications have some side effects. Mostly like nausea, dizziness, and sedation, etc. The sudden sleepy feeling is also the common side effect of these drugs. Therefore, any medications should be taken after consultation with your doctor in the recommended dosage only.

If you suffer from severe restless leg syndrome, you may trigger upon some effective way from the article. Firstly go for the home treatment process, and if you did not get enough relief with these. Go to a specialist.

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