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Low-Protein Recipes for People with Chronic Kidney Diseases

The kidney is the main organ of your urinary tract. Once the kidneys get damaged your entire body function gets into a critical condition. Sometimes Kidney problems become life-threatening too. For living a long life with chronic kidney disease, you have to follow a proper diet where low-protein foods are absolutely vital. Here some low-protein recipes are described well. You just go through the article and get the idea why it is good and how it should be cooked to stay away the harmful effects of multiple chronic kidney diseases.

Candied Pumpkin Slice

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This recipe is very healthy as it is absolutely free from protein nutrients. Take one and a half pounds pumpkin, 3 cups of sugar, two lemon zests and a half cup of lemon juice.

Cut the pumpkin carefully, so that you would get proper slices. Add the lemon juice, lemon zest, and the sugar in a bowl and combine the pumpkin slices into it. Stir until it gets coated well. Cover the pumpkins well and keep it overnight. Sim your gas and cook the pumpkin in a saucepan. Cook the pumpkin almost an hour until it becomes translucent and the sugar turns into caramel. Remove the caramel from the pumpkin and dry it for keeping it on a cookie sheet minimum 12 hours. Keep the pumpkin slices in a container as it gets dry well. Use the rest caramel to follow the recipe again.

Asian pear Salad

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This salad is very much helpful to reduce the irritations of chronic Kidney problems. The salad contains low protein along with low potassium, sodium and phosphorus. The recipe is here described for serving for four people at a time.

Take four peeled, cored and properly diced pears, four lettuce beds for each one, two ounce of blue cheese or Stilton, half cups of walnuts and a half cup of sugar and a half cup of water.

Make a syrup of sugar and water by pouring them in a nonstick frypan. Rapidly bustle in nuts. Separate the nuts while hot in an aluminum foil or a parchment paper. Place the pears on the lettuce bed and then scattered the nuts, pomegranate and cheese over it.

Apple and Cherry Chutney


You can add this recipe along with your holiday’s main courses.

Take a medium size tart apple, take a small onion and sliced it thinly, take a cup full of tart cherries, a cup of apple cider vinegar and one and a half cup of sugar.

Sliced the apple properly along with the skin and add them in a saucepan along with onions, sugar, vinegar, and cherries. Stir the mixture until ingredients boil and sugar get melted. Cover the saucepan for at least 8 to 10 minutes on a low flame until the cherries become tender and plump and the onion becomes supple. Now, open the lid and boil the mixture for at least 5 minutes in the high flame, so the juicy content gets reduced. You can serve the chutney for a week by covering and refrigerating well. Add the chutney in your meat items and also with the sandwiches.

Blasted Brussels sprouts

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You can eat the recipe as a dinner. Sprout is a very good source to reduce the Kidney problems.  Here the recipe is described as serving for 4 to 6 people.

Take two cups full brussels sprout stalk, one-fourth of herb or fruit flavored vinegar, two to four tablespoon of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and one to two tablespoons of olive oil.

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Preheat the oven to four-fifty degrees. Cut the larger sprouts into two halves and keep the smaller sprouts normal. Toss properly the sprouts after adding them into olive oil. Grease the oil on baking sheet. Cover the sprout by the baking sheet and put into the oven for at least 10 minutes. Spread the vinegar and cheese over it after removing from oven.

Baked Potato Soup

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Baked potato soup is a very good option as a lunch or as a dinner for people who suffer due to kidney diseases. The soup contains low minerals such as potassium and sodium along with low protein.

Take two big potatoes, four cups of skimmed milk, one-third cup of flour, half tablespoon pepper, four ounces of fat-trimmed Monterey jack cheese and take a half cup of sour cream which should be absolutely fat-free.

Bake the potatoes at four hundred degrees and then let it cool after proper baking. Scoop out the pulp after cutting lengthwise. Blend the milk and the flour properly by stirring continuously. Combine the potato pulp along with pepper into the mixture and then add the cheese and stir continuously until it gets melted. Add the sour cream at last after removing the soup from heat.

Apple Cup Cider


This recipe is a perfect holiday beverage for the people who suffer from the chronic Kidney problems. Take two quarters of absolutely pure apple juice, a half tablespoon of cloves, two cinnamon sticks, one pinch of nutmeg and one teaspoon of allspice.

Heat the apple juice in a medium immense heat after taking it in a saucepan. Add all the ingredients into the apple juice and let it boil for a while. Then minimize the heat and keep it for 10 minutes. Sieve the juice properly before serving in a mug.

Apple-Banana Smoothie

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You can eat the recipe as a breakfast. This dessert contains a minimum amount of protein, potassium, and sodium. The recipe is described here for a single serving.

Take half cup banana chunks, half cup yogurt and half cup applesauce which should be unsweetened. Take one-fourth of skimmed milk, a tablespoon of honey and oat bran for two tablespoons.

Add the banana chunks, yogurt, honey, applesauce and skimmed milk in a blender and blend the ingredients well. Combine the oat bran in a proper amount while blending the mixture to make the smoothie thicker.

So, if you or anyone in your family is suffering due to longtime Kidney problems then take a proper care of the kidneys by keeping them active with these recipes to live a long healthy life.

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