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These late night snacks are the most nutritious snack options you will ever find

You are about to go to bed, but you suddenly discover that you are hungry. The fact that you had taken an early dinner accounts for your hunger. Sometimes, you have to stay up late for studying or doing other work. You are likely to feel hungry then, as well. With hunger, you cannot get sufficient sleep. So, you have to eat, irrespective of the time of night. But the question is what you should eat.  Avoid food items which are spicy, sugary and caffeinated. Instead, pick your  late night snack from the following options.

Snacks based on complex carbohydrate Complex carbohydrate release serotonin which serves as a calming agent. You need to calm down before you push off to sleep. So, choose something like bread made of whole grain. You can supplement that with a bit of protein. For instance, you can fill both the slices of bread with shreds of half a boiled egg. The sandwich will keep you feel until you wake up early in the morning.

Milk with cereal Milk with cereal Mix fiber-based cereals like bran or oats with half a cup milk. It is preferable that you use unsweetened milk. Add fruits if necessary. The nutritionist-approved idea of snack will not only satiate your hunger but will also do justice to your calorie, if you are on a weight management plan.

Nuts are nutritious 

Nuts are nutritious There is no harm even if you overeat them, but make sure to choose the unsalted variety. The best idea is to serve you a handful of almonds because the magnesium content of the latter induces sleep. At the late hour in the night, you obviously want a good sleep.

Another sleep –inducing idea Mix fruits and cherries with cottage cheese, and have the combination before going to bed. Another alternative is to mix fruits, nuts, and cherries with yogurt, but make it a point to use yogurt that is low in fat. The combination is not only light and easy to digest but also contains melatonin that is supposed to be a sleep enhancement chemical.

These late night snack are the most nutritious snack options you will ever find

Make use of almond butter 

Almod butter Toast a slice of bread, and have it buttered. As said before, you should be particular about choosing brown bread made of whole grain because it is more nutritious than the refined white bread.

Consider eating a banana

Eat banana at night It will make you full, and for the touch of variety, layer it up with peanut butter. You will feel nice, nutritious and full. At the same time, you will have no problem in getting the sleep.

Some more ideas If you are fond of crackers, then, you can make it more palatable than before by adding a layer of nut-based butter. Make sure to make your pick from the whole-grain variety of crackers. If nothing is available and if you find a few popcorns; then munch those up before pushing off to the bed. Another idea is to have a glass of milk, but make sure that the milk is low in fat.

In this context, you should know what to avoid before pushing off to bed. You are hungry and are on the lookout for a snack. But that doesn’t mean you should consume anything and everything that comes your way. Steer clear of the packaged snack items because these are high in salt, sugar, and fat. They are hard to digest and don’t create a soothing condition, that which you require before a good night’s sleep. Similarly, you should avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol during the late hours of the night as they are counterproductive to a good night’s sleep.

 These late night snack are the most nutritious snack options you will ever find

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