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Do You Know How Much Exercise You Really Need?

We all nowadays look forward to slim and trim figure. We all want to be physically fit and fine and also in shape.Now for that, we need to workout and do some physical exercise. But then, how much? Some may ask you to workout for the entire day. But is that is what it should be? Well, no. There is a limit to all grace. Similarly, you shouldn’t make it too strenuous that you fall ill and injured. But then, you don’t want to be overweight either. But the concept that working out more each day will give it more benefits is also wrong. You need to workout daily. If you keep on doing too much for just once a day, the next day you won’t be able to do any. So, today we will see how much should I exercise:

Now see we are going to classify it into two ways. The aerobic activity and the strength training.

Aerobic Activity:

The moderate aerobic activities include walking briskly or lawn moving or swimming. You can give these activities a time of about two and a half an hour for minimum weekly. The vigorous aerobic exercise is activities like running, or you have aerobic dancing for that purpose. You can go for these for one and a half an hour at least weekly. At times, it will be nice if you can combine the vigorous and the aerobic type and then do it.


Strength Training:

It is using weight machines or for that purpose you can include activities like rock climbing. Heavy gardening can be also considered as a strength training. You can go for these twice per week for some amount of time.

But, then the amount you have to exercise also depends on the purpose. You need to exercise not just to put down some weight. You also do it at times for strengthening your liver or some other medical purpose too. So here,we will discuss how much should we exercise based on the needs.

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When you want to put down some weight.

We have good news for you. You don’t have to spend the entire day in the gym to lose some kgs from your body. With something good, we also bring some bad news which is you need to restrict your diet too. Go for at least five hours of either vigorous or the moderate aerobic activities per week. You can also make the schedule such that it includes both in proportions. Now you need to know that the more body fat you have, the more weight will you gain. To get some kgs down, you have to first burn the calories and the fat that is stored in the body. And also, you have to cut down the intake of calorie and fats as well. To reduce weight by burning calorie seems to be a bit more difficult than by reducing further too much intake of it.

You also need to give some time for the strength training which will help you to add some mass to your muscles. It also helps in increasing your basal metabolic rate. That would mean we will also lose some weight while we are sleeping. Now when you do a particular exercise for a prolonged period of time , your body gets adjusted to it. Just to keep the challenge high, change the exercises that you are doing after some time.


When you want to tone up.

For this, you have put some stress on the resistance training. Your target will be doing it for at least 75 minutes weekly and then extending it to 150 minutes weekly. Muscle tone is not just dependent on the type of the muscle but also on the amount of the fat that has accumulated on the top of it. For the guys out there, to have a visible six pack abs you just don’t need crunches but also need to get rid of the body fat that you have. For that, you need to go for strength training for two to three days per week. Now it is very tiring and exhausting. When you think you can put up with it, then you can add a day. For each group of muscle, separate training is recommended. So focus on them twice per week.

Side Plank

Live, live and live longer.

For this, you need to be an active person. You need to have moderate aerobic activities for about 75- 150 minutes in a week. Go for the strength training for about two times a week. You have to be able to stretch your body. If you can do that, you can be a bit more resistant towards injuries and can be active. You will improve the strength of your heart. You can also do away with chronic inflammation. It also prevents too much of resistance due to insulin.

When you want to be a sleepyhead.

To get a nice sleep, you have to do some exercise and catch the zzz’s.  You also wake up, and you feel rested. If you go for moderate aerobic activities, it will improve the quality of sleep by 65%, and you will also prevent yourself from leg cramps. You will also concentrate well when you feel very tired if you do physical exercise on a daily basis.


If you want to be seated.

When you are already doing the exercise for some minutes, don’t be totally seated for the rest of the time. You need to do some work in every hour. Like you can just walk for a few minutes. Don’t be seated ideally. If you do that, you have more chances of having cardiovascular disease, or you run the risk of type 2 diabetes. You just need to walk 2 minutes per hour.

So, now we have seen how much we need to exercise you need in order to get a perfect and fit body. Just not that, we need to also check our diet for living long. Do sit-ups and squats at times. The children should play more than doing vigorous exercises.

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