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How To Keep Your Bones Strong As Your Age

Bones are an integral part of the support system of your body and it is not for nothing that you have to keep them strong and healthy. As a matter of fact, the continual process of bones breaking into smaller fragments and the rebuilding process is simply mind blowing.

When you are aged about thirty or even before that the bones are at their best. However, immediately after this age, the process of building slows down gradually and the density of the bones become thin and it is here that you have to think what makes bones strong.

There are myriad things that you can do for keeping your bones strong. However, the condition of bones varies from one person to another. Here are a few steps that you can take for keeping your bones strong and healthy.

Have More Calcium


Calcium is synonymous with bones although the ability of the body absorb calcium lessens with age. The truth is that this is one of the most important minerals that are responsible for keeping your bones healthy.

You have to eat foods that are rich in calcium or have supplements in case you follow a restricted diet due to other health conditions or complications.

Know The Benefits Of Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Originally known for blood clotting, Vitamin K has a role to play when it comes to healthy bones. It allows your body to make proteins that in turn aid in the maintenance of healthy bones.

As far as vitamins for bone strength is concerned, this is the one which reduces excretion of this vitamin from the body.

Regular Exercises Are Important


While it is true that less people understand the benefits of following a daily exercise regime, there are many that realize the real value of regular exercises for maintaining healthy bones.

Not only is it possible to increase bone mass and density when you practice the weight-bearing exercises, it is possible to stimulate them in this manner. However, people with orthopedic problems must consult the doctor before going for exercises. However, make it a priority.

Benefit Of Potassium

Potassium also helps in maintaining healthy bones, particularly for women in the post-menopausal state when bones are subject to rapid degradation.

Lessen Alcohol Consumption


Although you need not abstain from alcohol totally, you have to reduce the consumption as it interferes with the functions of Vitamin D in the body which plays an important role in calcium absorption.

Stay Away From Caffeine


Although there are lots of health benefits of caffeine, it is not good for your bones and you must keep this in mind. According to studies, consumption of excess caffeine leads to significant loss of bones.

Do Not Smoke


You have certainly come across several reasons for which you must quit smoking but it is relevant for maintaining healthy bones as well. A study has shown that smoking results in decreased bone mass and it also obstructs the absorption of calcium in the body.

Avoid Consumption Of Excess Salt

excess salt

Adding too much of salt in your daily diet results in loss of calcium through the excretory system or the kidneys. However, this does not imply that you have to consume food which is bland and tastes bad. Try to avoid consuming salt in addition to what is already added to your diet.

Refrain From Overweight Conditions

over weight

There are plenty of reasons for which you have to stay away from obesity. However, being overweight is one of the reasons that can cause immense problems when it comes to bone density.

You have to either make significant efforts to lose weight or eat food that helps in maintaining proper body weight.

Eat Calcium-Rich Foods

calcium-rich foods

A lot of people are not aware of the foods that contain calcium and must be consumed regularly. However, even those that are aware might miss out on those food items that are rich in calcium.

You can have lots of green leafy vegetables such as mustard green, broccoli, sprouted beans, and kale along with low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and milk.

Exposure To Sunlight In The Early Morning

sun light

Spending about fifteen to twenty minutes in the sunlight during the early morning helps in absorption of Vitamin D is you are wondering how to keep bones strong. In addition to this, you must also have foods rich in Vitamin D such as egg yolk, cereals, orange and fish.

Do Not Forget

Having healthy bones is a way to keep fit and you can follow the tips above for maintaining the health of your bones and stay away from orthopedic troubles.

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    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Susan
      Yes, Daily intake of calcium supplements will help you in reducing the calcium deficiency.
      You can also include calcium rich foods such as milk & milk products in your daily diet that will help you for the same.

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