Junk food promotes laziness - How?

Junk food promotes laziness – How?

Junk food promotes laziness - How?

It’s sort of which comes first – chicken or egg. Have you ever felt like a sloth after eating an entire large pack of fries or chips? Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever felt like they are rewiring your brain? Still, there is a doubt that we have to clarify, eating junk food is causing us laziness or laziness is triggering us to eat junk food? It is still a myth of many of us. We tend to believe that laziness is the cause of weight gain. So, it is not pretty hard to see where this theory comes from! Eating these burgers, fries, pizzas, nuggets are no less than a guilty pleasure where most of us indulge when we seek comfort food.

Junk Food

We can convince ourselves with bags and bags of reasons to cover up our laziness. But have we ever thought about the outcome, ever? When you start regularly chowing down tender foods covered with saturated fats, there is a good possibility that you can become a victim of heart disease as well as it can affect you mentally and physically beyond imagination. According to a popular journal’s article, junk food can make people fat as well as lethargic.

Study on junk food:

Well, let’s take this study conducted by UCLA. This psychology study proves that being overweight is not the only cause for laziness. This also finds eating too much junk food not only makes you fat but also makes you lazy or less motivated or at least that seems to be true with lab rats.

study on junk food

According to the study published in the journal of Physiology and Behavior, researchers put rats on two sorts of diets. Half of the rats ate a healthy diet which is unprocessed foods, like fish meal and ground corn. The remaining half was provided with a highly processed diet, high sugar, similar to the junk food which we, humans consume.

The cognitive impairments

Apparently, one of these diets led towards obesity and other did not. It is understandable that the group of rats that ate the ‘junk food’ diet gained tremendous weight than the other. In addition to that, they also suffered from fatigue as well as became more sedentary and less motivated which means lazier.

Junk food promotes laziness - How?

But what is even more concerning is when they switched these rats back onto a healthy and nutritious diet at the end of six months, for the first nine days they didn’t seem to reverse their weight gain as well as their ‘learnt’ laziness.

Facts about Junk Food:

facts about junk food

  • When you are consuming high-fat diet loaded with sugar often, it can cause inflammation in the structure of your brain which is the most important for learning and memory
  • Moreover, it also makes you lazy, isn’t it a fact? When you put a lot of stuff in your body which is loaded with carbs, sugar, and Trans fat, you obviously can’t be active, even if you want to. It will keep you feeling less motivated and this, in turn, will certainly make you fat. In other words, junk food makes you dumb, lazy as well as fat.
  • When you eat junk food often then it takes its toll on your sense of wellbeing.  You will eventually stop feeling good about yourself and you can’t enjoy life to its fullest, and this sort of food can make you feel depressed.
  • You will also face a lot of health problems such as digestion issues, constipation, and inflammation and so on. And the reason? You guessed it right! Junk food!
  • Long term fast food eating habits can cause you heart problems, high blood pressure, acne, dental problems, and osteoporosis generally you will end up having poor health. Also, it makes you look older.

Disadvantages of Junk food:

Got a spare tire around your middle section, in that case just stop eating those foods that are not natural! One day you will look at yourself in a mirror you wonder why you look old! The next thing should be to look at how can this ‘bad diet’ lead you to behavioral changes and how it impacts your thinking. Hopefully, after reading this, you will work out things for yourself instead of just taking the toll on your health!

Junk food promotes laziness - How?

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