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Is A Healthy Spine Crucial To Combat Your Back Pain?

Is a healthy spine crucial to combat your back pain?

A Healthy Spine

We all know that the upkeep of our spine is really important. Genuinely, how many of us feel a little bit of back pain because of our environments and lifestyles? It is better to have some insight into why your back may ache from sitting at your desk for too long or from a long drive and what you can do about it to help you keep your back strong as well as healthy. Our backs are designed to move from our core. So, unless we consciously work with our core there is a possibility that we can lose our core strength over time. Have you ever thought what tends to happen if we don’t work with our core consciously and will the other back muscles compensate? Here is where the injury, pain, and strains can come from.

Role of Spinal Cord In Our Body

You need your spine for everything, yes! Literally everything!

Your Actions

Your Actions Your spinal cord gives you the ability to twist and bend. When your spine is injured, your mobility will be limited. If you accidentally injure it, have repeated bad posture, or wear it out over time, you could have difficulty with things like sitting up straight, picking things up, bending over, walking, moving your neck or twisting your spine.

Your Neurological integrity

Your Neurological integrity The nervous system runs electrical impulses up and down the spine to the areas that feel sensation. And a damaged spine can disrupt neural responses, thus, it will result in disabling sensations in the parts of your body. Is a healthy spine crucial to combat your back pain?

Your Esophagus

Your Esophagus When you swallow water and food, it travels down your throat into your esophagus, and to your stomach. So, your esophagus is parallel with your spine. By any chance, if you accidentally injure your spine, then it can press against your esophagus, puncture it or obstruct it. A surgery would be necessary to prevent further damage as well as to fix the punctured or obstructed esophagus.

Your Hard Work Leads To Back Pain

Your hard Work Any incorrect movement, bad posture, and intense exercises can add unnecessary pressure to your spine, which over time can lead to degenerative diseases. The abnormal movements and the improper stance can also cause wear and tear to your spinal structure, which may to injuries that require surgery and it can permanently damage your spinal discs as well as joints.

Your Stability

Your Stability Without your spine working properly, even your quality of life is at stake. You won’t be able to enjoy plenty of activities that you love. Not only can your mobility be hindered, but also stress on your spine alone is awfully painful.

Shock absorption

The natural curve of the spinal cord in adults and the intervertebral discs create a spring system that allows us to walk as well as run without damaging ourselves immediately. As we age and lose the elasticity of our discs but if we lose our natural spinal curves through any poor posture or suffer degenerative disc disease or too much sitting we are likely to find ourselves in the need of spine care.

Our core underpins everything we do. Here is a list to get you thinking of where you use your spine muscles:

  • Everyday acts- e.g. bending to put on your shoes
  • A healthy back – having a strong core reduces lower back pain
  • On-the-job tasks where you may or may not notice you use your core
  • Sports and other pleasurable activities
  • Balance and stability
  • Housework, fix-it work, and gardening
  • Good posture
It is also important to do whatever you can to avoid standing or sitting for long periods if you don’t want to get back pain as a gift. Get up to walk and stretch around every 20 to 30 minutes. If possible try working at a standup desk for at least sometimes of the day, or wise get up and pace around while talking on the phone. Our spine is meant to move to stay healthy, and the movement fuels our spine with healthy nutrients. Whatever we discussed till now here are simple ways to help support your spine as well as the overall back health. Even when you are in serious pain and you are undergoing any extensive medical treatments, we encourage you to try and remember the simple things you can do for your back. Because even small changes can help with your healing process over time. Is a healthy spine crucial to combat your back pain?

2 thoughts on “Is A Healthy Spine Crucial To Combat Your Back Pain?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Urvi

      Below are the three exercises for the same

      Step Down and One Arm Reach

      With whichever leg appears longer when you lay on your back, step on to a small box or step.
      Lower the opposite leg down to the floor as you bend into the knee.
      As you descend, raise the arm on the same side as the lowered leg up as high as possible. For example, if the left foot is lowering to the floor, raise the left arm.
      Perform two to three sets of five to 10 reps on this side only. Do not perform the exercise on the other side.

      2.Up and Down Dog
      In a prone plank position with your arms stretched out straight, push your hips back as far as possible.
      Hold this for two seconds, and then lower your hips back down toward the floor.
      Try to get as low as possible without giving yourself back discomfort or pain.
      Perform two to three sets of five to 10 reps.

      3.Split Stance with Arm Reach

      Step forward with the “longer” leg in front in a slightly exaggerated stride length.
      Keep your torso as upright as possible at all times.
      Begin shifting your weight back and forth, allowing the forward knee to bend as you feel the weight shift onto it.
      As you shift your weight forward, raise the arm that is opposite of your forward leg as high as possible to the sky.
      While that arm is reaching upward, reach the other arm back with the palm up as much as possible. This causes the torso and spine to turn toward the side of the forward leg.
      Perform this exercise only on that side. Perform two to three sets of five to 10 reps.

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