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Inadequate Vitamin D Levels Associated with Disability In Old age


We all know the importance of vitamin D in our body. It is required for proper absorption of calcium, maintenance of bone and muscle integrity, neuromuscular functioning, proper immune functioning and regulates inflammatory responses.

Further, inadequate levels of this sunshine vitamin can lead to low immunity, increased risk of cancer, poor hair growth and weakened muscles and bones.

Now, a newer study claims that deficiency of vitamin D may lead to reduced ability in performing daily chores in old age. The study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism


Previously, there were researches advocating the association of vitamin D with increased muscle weight, strength and physical performance. Although a few other studies have also attempted to study the connection between the amount of vitamin D and performance of daily physical activity, they ended up with mixed results.

The present study carried out by Natasja cvan Schoor, PhD, of VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, and colleagues examined the data  from 725 participants with a mean age of 60, and about 1,200 participants from an older cohort (mean age 75).

The study subjects were questioned about their ability to carry out their day-to-day chores such as moving up and down the stairs without relaxing, dressing and undressing, a 5 minute walk without resting etc Fifty-six percent of the older group and 30% of the younger group reported at least one limitation at baseline.

Fifteen percent in the older cohort and 6% in the younger cohort reported at least two additional limitations 3 years from baseline, and 20% and 8%, respectively, at 6 years. Simply put, the subjects reported more functional limitations with the growing age. According to the authors, the functional limitation is linked to low levels of vitamin D besides there other additional factors that may lead to the functional decline in the older group.

Vitamin D supplementation showed positive effect on the muscle function, increasing the functional performance in older citizens. The bottom line is though the vitamin d deficiency may not be the single cause but definitely do have a positive affect on the ability to perform daily activities in old age. This study only considered on the single regard of vitamin D levels of the subjects.

Have sufficient intake of vitamin D through your diet or simply pop in a vitamin D supplement. Share this piece of information with your near and dear as token of your care and concern.

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