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How young people who have AIDS can do to improve their livelihood?

HIV/AIDS severely affect livelihoods of individuals, households, and even children are not even spared from this deadly disease. People infected are treated with low standards and the viability is questioned in several ways. This situation is difficult to deal, as  the ability of individuals is undermined  and households are required to feed and care for themselves, while  there are several challenges being faced by the institutions for supporting the people infected with HIV. There are many interventions  found when providing support to the families including succession planning, parent training and mentoring the youth to make them mentally strong. Many tools have been developed to psychosocial benefit the children’s well-being. Some guidelines have been outlined after a research conducted on children. The reasons AIDS patients find difficulty is due to the reduced capability of receiving nutrition by the body. This accelerates the damage to the immune system and boosts the growth of virus improve your livelihood In fact, HIV itself boost the malnutrition levels in the body. As the immune system is weakened an HIV-positive person is constantly prone to illness. Overall, the  body’s absorption capacity  of nutrients is halted and affects the appetite. So AIDS patients look malnourished. But, these symptoms can be slightly reduced by regular treatment and consume healthy food to boost their metabolism levels in the body. They are ways to thwart this harmful disease at an initial level, probably follow these guidelines to slightly reduce the harmful effects. Taking HIV treatment HIV treatment Presently, there is no effective treatment for this disease and the available medical procedures may not completely kill the virus. But, Halts the virus growth and makes the immune strong to dismiss the infections. "How young people who have AIDS can do to improve their livelihood? " Previously, old HIV drugs had serious implications on the human body. But the present treatment involves fewer drugs and much better than previous drugs. The side-effect doesn’t go away easily and affects the  quality of life. Drugs keep changing constantly and bravely adapt to the approach. After starting  HIV treatment, It is important to regularly consume medicines and consult the medical professional Include Nutritious food in your diet : People suffering from HIV infection should aim to eat a well-balanced diet, which has less fat, sugar or salt content. Generally for people, eating is a pleasure, but not for AIDS affected people. They have to face numerous challenges in finding a right diet to suit their requirements. If you are underweight and suffering from HIV, the situation will be worse and difficult to diagnose. if you facing  any particular dietary problems or some linked side-effects, as a result o f consuming excess antibiotics. It is recommended to consult  your healthcare professional and design a dietary chart to immune your metabolism levels. Make it easier with a balanced diet  and follow this diet strictly.
  • Have foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables with excess vitamins and minerals.
  • Consume plenty of starchy carbohydrates for excess energy – It is better to eat brown rice, potatoes, wholemeal pasta, and bread.
  • Include protein supplements  such as lean meat,eggs fish, and beans
  • You can also have dairy products such as milk, yogurt in limited amounts as prescribed by the dietician
Access to education and  life skills : Access to education and life skills The  main goal is to  divert their minds and inspire themselves due to the insufficient attention from the society. Make the orphans and young people to attend school and  should receive a basic education in order to sustain. Obtaining skills will help them to achieve long-term security for food and livelihood .Access to education enhances their mental awareness and boosts confidence. Lastly, Taking care of yourself is not just about improving physical health, but also enhancing your mental health and balancing your emotional levels.  This may be a shock to  you and your family but take the time to adjust. Gain support from your friends ,  family, and beloved ones when you find yourself in difficult times. Try to get abundant rest and quit  smoking to a greater extent. Chain smokers find difficulty to quit smoking,but it is all about your life.So give up smoking and drinking alcohol, Start thinking bravely about rest of your life. About your goals, Maybe the patient want to study, have a family, travel, and also  change your  career – HIV  will not stop you from achieving any of these things. "How young people who have AIDS can do to improve their livelihood? "

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