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How to Win the Battle Against an Unfit Lifestyle: Wheat Germ!

1 When you think of breakfast the first thing to cross your mind every day is Cereals. Yes! Almost 90% of the world’s population has cereals as a staple food for breakfast every day. And why not? They are a healthy source of proteins and other nutrients, right? Let’s not be too sure about that. Cereals may be made from wheat but do they contain all the good nutrients of wheat? Production houses are known to remove some of the good nutrients like wheat germ and bran from the wheat when producing cereals. This is essential to make the cereals last for a prolonged time. While the cereals we eat are still a healthy source of proteins, unfortunately they do not contain Vitamin E and other nutrients which are originally present in the wheat Wheat germ is the part of the wheat kernel that germinates into the wheat grass. It is also the best source of Vitamin E according to the studies conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology. Unfortunately, for preserving the foods made from wheat for a prolonged time, production houses eliminate the wheat germ from the wheat grain which results in the loss of Vitamin E sources.

Health Benefits Associated With Wheat Germ:

2 Let’s have a look at the varied and innumerable health benefits of wheat germ. Rich in Vitamin E, wheat germ is a great nutrient for the skin as it helps in preventing ageing by strengthening the tissues, but did you know that apart from vitamin E, it is also a great source of protein, Vitamins B1, B2 and A, and is known to be a rich source of riboflavin and iron as well? With so many good properties associated with wheat germ, one must add it to one’s daily diet. Since they are not present in the food we buy from the supermarket, it is a good idea to have them as a supplement.

When taken regularly, wheat germ oil can help prevent the following health adversaries:

●     Prevents Ageing

3 The magic pill that literally turns back the time by slowing the ageing process, wheat germ oil capsules are a god-sent for anyone who wishes to have great skin. The richest source of Vitamin E, wheat germ is known to fight the free radicals in the skin tissues and strengthen them by allowing elasticity, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles and sagging

●     A Better Reflex System 

4 Wheat germ contains a nutrient called Octacosanol. This helps in creating a better reflex system in the body by keeping the mind alert and sharp.

●     Reduction of Cholesterol and Prevention of Heart Diseases 

5 Wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, which helps in reduction of blood clotting, thus strengthening the circulation of blood throughout the body. This helps in better functioning of the heart which eliminates the risk of an increase in the cholesterol level of the body, thus preventing the risk of heart diseases.

●     Improves Digestion 

6   Known to be a great source of fiber, wheat germ helps in improving the bowel functioning of the body and helps with digestion. This also has a great impact on the stress levels of the body

●     Boosts Stamina 

7 In this fast-paced life that we speed through everyday, we need all the energy and sustainability that our body can get. Organic home-made food and daily supplements can only do so much. Wheat germ is an excellent source of nutrition. When taken regularly it improves stamina and endurance in the body by maintaining the nutrition level of the body at its optimum.

●     Excellent source of Folic acid 

8 Did you know that folic acid is one of the most important nutrients for the body? Folic acid not only helps keep the body healthy by strengthening the immune system but is also one of essential forms of nutrients for pregnant women. Folic acid helps in eliminating any kind of birth defects in the child at birth which is why it is essential for the growing womb as well as the mother. Wheat Germ oil capsules are an excellent source of folic acid. Not only do they provide the expecting mother with the essential nutrients to maintain immunity but they also help in strengthening the immunity of the unborn child by eliminating any birth defects.

Availability of Wheat Germ:

Wheat germ is a nutrient found in the wheat kernel. Thus, it is not something that can be packed and processed and sold at the supermarket for people to use as additives. There are many foods that contain wheat germs. Many organic cereal brands, organic wheat flour and digestive biscuits have a good amount of wheat germs. But are these enough for the daily body requirements? The best way to have wheat germ in your daily dose of diet is to find it as an alternative; a supplement that can provide the body the required amount to reap the best benefits of its nutrients. Wheat germ can be found as an oil or as a capsule over the counter or online very easily. While people buy wheat germ oil to be taken as a syrup, the awful lingering taste of the oil is a big turn off. The best way to have wheat germ oil in your daily diet is to buy wheat germ oil capsules. These capsules contain the oil in a coated form which masks the taste of the oil and provides you with an easy way to actually ingest it. Easy to carry in a small plastic bottle, the capsules can be found online for purchase and are a pure form of the wheat germ oil, helping your body stay fit in today’s times.    

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