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How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Zika Outbreak This Winter?

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Zika Outbreak This Winter?

An Introduction:

Zika is considered as one of the concerning diseases which are caused by a mosquito. It is a well- known fact that, mosquitos can cause some deadly diseases, and most of those diseases are causing death to thousands of people every year. Zika virus is carried by Aedes mosquitoes, and there are no vaccines for this particular disease.  So if you get infected by this virus, then it can cause different problems for you, and if you are pregnant, then things can go quite serious, as the zika virus is very much harmful to your baby.

So, as there are no vaccines to cure zika virus, then the only way to be safe from this virus is by preventing mosquito bites.  This Disease is spreading quite rapidly in recent times. There are numbers of victims in the USA and Canada, and the same time Zika breakout is also reported in the Philippines and some South Asian countries. So it can be understood that the Zika disease is spreading quite rapidly all over the world. So, in the upcoming winter, there is a huge possibility that this disease can break out more severely.  And it is really important that you take proper precaution before winter.

zika virus

So, if you are looking for any guidance, which will help you to prevent mosquito bites and protect you from zika virus, then the discussion below can absolutely help you.

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Zika Outbreak This Winter?

Steps To Prevent Zika:

Zika is spreading worldwide quite rapidly, and women are the major victim of this disease.  If you are pregnant, and if you live in the dangerous areas where the possibility of an outbreak is more than you have to be really cautious. Zika virus can do severe damage to the newborn babies, and in some cases, it can cause death. And,  if a newborn baby gets affected by the Zika virus, then the normal behavior of that baby is also changed. So taking care of this disease is really important, and these are the following ways:

1) Try To Pick Up Right Mosquito Repellent:

Pick Up Right Mosquito Repellent

In order to prevent mosquito bites, it is really important that you use right mosquito repellent. If you use the correct mosquito repellent, then it would be very much helpful for you, as it would play a very efficient role to prevent mosquito bites.  But before you choose any mosquito repellent to try to make sure that the repellent is suitable for you, and it won’t cause any kind of skin problems to you. So always try to buy such repellent which has a high reputation and user ratings.

2) Try To Apply Repellent Properly:

Before you apply any mosquito repellent, try to make sure that you have used sun protection cream on your skin. If you have used sun protection cream on your skin, then you won’t be affected, by any side effects of these repellent creams. And, at the same time, try to make sure that you have applied the repellent in the correct place of your body. Mosquitos who carry the zika virus tends to attack our legs or the bottom half of our body, so it is really important that you have applied the repellent creams on your legs to prevent mosquito biting. And always try to take special care of the children.

3) Try To Wear Proper Clothes:

Wear Proper Clothes

You can also prevent mosquito biting, by wearing proper clothes. If you wear full sleeve shirts and full sleeve pants, then it can play a very effective role to prevent mosquito biting. And at the same time, it will reduce the chance of getting infected by the zika virus. So, the proper dressing is really important.

4) Try To Exercise Inside Your Room:

Exercise Inside Your Room

Mosquitoes are generally attracted towards heat and carbon dioxide. So when you are exercising, both of these do emit from your body so that it can attract mosquitoes. So it is advised that, when you are exercising, try to do the exercises inside your home, as it can prevent mosquito biting quite effectively.

5) Plan Your Travel Properly:

It is really important that you travel smartly in order to prevent the zika virus. And always try to avoid those places, which can be the source of Zika virus.

So, these are the best ways that can help you prevent zika virus and keep you healthy.

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Zika Outbreak This Winter?

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