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How To Maintain A Good Posture While Eating?

Eating is something that we do every day, three times in a day, sometimes more, so it is vital that we should sit in correct posture while we eat. What does proper posture while we eat mean and where do we start? A study conducted before 6 years concentrated on sitting postures while eating. If you wish to further know what does the study conducted then come and join me further…..

What is the Significance Of Proper Eating Pose?

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When it comes to fussy eating and food refusal the reasons are numerous and fluctuated. Something so easy that can be so merely missed when it comes to fussy eating, including the way you sit in their highchair or at the table. Proper positioning and posture is an essential element in feeding, especially in young children.  It is especially necessary from a safety perspective. A perfect indian sitting position empowers excellent body and head alignment directing food from the mouth into the throat and away from the airway, preventing choking. Poor positioning while eating can result in feeling tired during a mealtime, feeling discomfort or pain while sitting in the seat or high chair, developing poor eating skills and experience an increased risk of aspiration (food or fluid going down the airway instead of the oesophagus). If you experience pain or discomfort during mealtimes, they may develop negative associations and begin to display fussy eating behaviour at mealtimes.
Instead, ensuring proper positioning from the moment you start solids will be valuable in helping you to develop positive food associations and learning proper eating and mealtime behaviours.

Why Is Eating Posture So Essential?

  • Ensures firmness of the torso to assist the head and permit proper breathing
  • The enhanced head control provides better jaw stability leading to tongue control and lip stability
  • Provides security and comfort
  • Promotes well concentration on the task of eating
  • Allows for a better hand to mouth coordination
  • Prevents aspiration of food and fluid into the airways
  • Promotes digestion
  • Limits fatigue
  • Inspires communication and enjoyment at mealtimes
  • Encourages acceptance and trial of new foods.

Different Types Of Eating Postures

There are two different types of eating postures they are
  • Sitting
  • Standing

Which Posture Is Better To Eat?

Comparing to the standing position, sitting posture is better to eat and has numerous benefits. Below you can see more about both sitting and standing postures.

Standing Posture

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Generally standing improves your posture and decreases aches and stiffness. People who opt to stand over sitting note that their minds feel more clear and that they have a better ability to concentrate. But remember one thing standing position may cause to overeating that leads to a number of diseases. So keeping this in mind comparing to standing position sitting is very better to eat.

Sitting Posture

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In the sitting indian style, there are 2 types of sitting that are
  • Sitting on the floor
  • Sitting on the chair.
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In this, only 30 per cent of people around the world opt for sitting on the floor, that is very better and has the number of health benefits. Sitting on the floor like indian way burn more calories while comparing to sitting on a chair. Below you can see Numerous benefits from sitting on the floor while eating. In many families, you will find that individuals sit on the floor and eat their meals. While most of us have embraced the table and chair as a place to eat, there are also those of us who prefer to sit in front of the Television and sit on the bed and eat. While this might be very relaxed, it might not certainly be the best thing for your health. Our ancestors surely had a plan when they made sure we sit on the floor, cross-legged and ate our food. Here are few reasons for going back to your roots is the best for your health.

Helps Enhance Your Digestion

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When you sit on the floor, you normally sit with folded cross-legged – a sitting yoga pose is called as sukhasana or a half padmasna which are poses that aid in digestion.

Aids In Losing Weight

Sitting on the floor and eating has significant weight reduction benefits too. When you sit in this position, your mind automatically quiets down and is better equipped to focusing on the food you eat. Moreover, this position aids you cognate the amount of food you have consumed and helps you feel full quicker.

Makes You More Flexible

When you squat or sit in padmasana pose, the padmasana benefits are muscles in your lower back, around your stomach, pelvis and those of the upper and lower abdomen stretch – lessening pain and uneasiness. This, in turn, assists your digestive system to relax and remain in a normal position.

Helps You In Bonding Relation With Your Family

Generally, the practice of sitting on the floor and eating is a family action. This time is the good choice and great for you to bond. One of the reasons sitting on the floor is better at helping you bond is because it heads to a calm and happy mind – helping you listen more intently and peacefully.

Enhances Your Posture

Posture is very critical when it comes to staying healthy. Great posture not only aids prevent injuries but it also decreases the chances of excessive strain on particular muscles and joints, which can head to fatigue and faster than normal wear and tear. When you sit on the floor your posture is automatically corrected, making your back straight, elongating your spine and pushes back your shoulders – beating all the regular aches and pains that accompany with bad posture.

Can Make You Live Longer

Sounds a bit unbelievable right? Indeed, it’s true, sitting on the floor and eating can really help you live longer. A popular study published in the Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that people who sat on the floor in padmasana and were able to get up without any support were more likely to live longer.

Lubricates And Keeps Your Knees And Hip Joint Healthy

According to a study, it is known that Yoga postures like padmasana and sukhasana are one of the best poses that have a large number of health benefits for your entire body. There are lot of sukhasana benefits. Not only does it aid your digestive system function better, but it also helps keep your joints supple, flexible and less prone to injuries and degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Relaxes The Mind And Calms The Nerves

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Sukhasana and padmasana yoga sitting position or the cross-legged way one sits on the floor while eating have various advantages, and one of its most significant ones is that it calms the mind and relaxes frazzled nerves. A convenient tool, it is believed in Ayurveda that eating with a calm mind aids better digestion and in a few cases has even helped individual relish food better.

Strengthens The Heart By Improving Circulation

Have you ever seen that when you consume food, you tend to feel warmer and sometimes even sweat? Well, that is because when we eat food our stomach requires all the energy it can use to digest food. One of digestion most crucial element is a healthy blood flow. To keep up with this procedure, your heart tends to work overtime to aid out your digestive system. Note: Generally people after the age of 60 years are unable to sit on the floor so sitting on a chair is the better choice only for them, they will not get all the above benefits, few of them can be expected. Above all are the sitting postures benefits. When you sit on the floor and eat with your family, it aids in mindful eating. Not only does it assist you in keeping a correct focus on your food which you were eating, but it also aids you to make better choices when you eat and gives a lot of health benefits.

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