9 Simple ways of how to Improve your Creativity and Imagination

Improving Creativity and Critical Thinking Ability

Creativity And Critical Thinking Ability
Are you running out of ideas and are you freaking out to come up with something new and innovative? you might have tried hard to increase creativity and imagination but might have failed due to improper planning. There are several ideas and information which is available all over the Internet space on how to improve your creativity and imagination to lead a happy life in this challenging world. How to improve creativity Creativity plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is not only confined to four corners of visual arts like paintings, food carvings, architecture, animations, etc., but it is required in all our day to day activities as well. A creative mind usually performs very well on all social platforms.

Mind and Creativity

When it comes to creativity, one of the biggest concerns of people is how one can be more creative, or how to come up with new ideas or new things or be innovative. People are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve brain memory and improve mind power. Some of the ways to improve imagination and creativity that could help people drive their mind to be creative in life are listed below.

Ways – how to Improve your Creativity

Follow your passion

Passion comes from the heart and that is deciding on what you love doing the most. So, choosing an activity that is innately connected to you could be an easy way to explore and develop your creative side. Always try to improve imagination before doing something, that you are passionate about will automatically drive you towards new ideas and will enhance your creativity.

Become an expert

When you have that zeal in you, you should work hard to attain it. By having a rich and thorough understanding of the topic, you can naturally come up with highly innovative solutions and ideas. This will automatically increase your brain power.

Get rid of the obsession of being perfect

Avoid being hard on yourself and avoid taking too much of stress to come up with something outstanding. This process can actually make it harder to create anything at all. It can ruin the essence of your creative thinking and creative thinking exercises.

Don’t be scared of failure

Failing is no big deal when you are undergoing a creative process. The more you think creatively, there are more chances of making mistakes and failures. It will motivate you to try something new in life. Even if you fail, it will make you a better person. It is like giving yourself an opportunity to learn and understand the things which you overlooked previously. The point is to learn from your failures and not to repeat them over and over again.

Play with Your Left Hand

Israeli researchers published a paper entitled, Unilateral Muscle Contractions Increase Creativity and imagination. According to this, a lot of creative thinking goes on in the right hemisphere of the brain, so researchers figured that they could boost creativity by artificially activating that part of the brain (your right brain controls the left side of your body, and vice versa). Hence, when working towards creativity, if you use your left hand or left side of the body, your right side of the brain is triggered which in turn helps in improving creativity.

Dare to Explore

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and try something new. Having an insight on different things and arenas would help you get stronger with wider and various innovative ideas. You will eventually become more confident and daring.

Get Peppy

Being serious does not always work for a creative drive. Playful attitude can open up new avenues of thinking and interacting with people around often leads to a kind of synergistic teamwork that fosters creativity.

Deal with Rejection

If your project or idea is rejected, you have to deal with it. It urges you to think out of the box and helps in exploring more, new and different ideas.

Time Management

Being stressed or burdened with a lot of work has a deadly effect on your creative mind. Maintain a balance with your inner and external self by having your own time to relax. Exercise and yoga can greatly influence the flow of your creative juices. Moreover, Omega 3 supplements like fish oil or flaxseed oil will help to increase your memory, reasoning, logical thinking and critical thinking skills. Photo  Courtesy: lh4.ggpht.com, firstbloger.com

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