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How To help A Child With Down Syndrome

The World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is observed on the 21st of march every year. It is a global awareness day which was officially observed by the United Nations in 2012 and since then it is observed every year. The date for WDSD signifies the uniqueness of the triplication or trisomy of the 21 chromosome which causes Down Syndrome as it is the 21st day of the 3rd month of the year.

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The Down Syndrome which is also known as trisomy 21, it is a genetic disorder which is caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of the chromosome 21. Down syndrome causes changes in the physical development. The people with down syndrome may be more prone to heart or respiratory issues, lower muscle tone, flat facial features or lower muscle tone. They typically have sort of intellectual disability which means they develop at a slower pace or they take longer to learn the new information.

How Can You Support A Child With Down Syndrome

Provide Medical Support:

Make sure the child with Down Syndrome gets all the support at home as well as at school. Since every child born with Down Syndrome is unique, they need a personalized plan which will help them reach their full potentials.

  • Find a primary care provider or a pediatrician whom you can trust. A pediatrician helps you in coordinating with your child’s medical conditions.

Provide Educational Support

To make sure that your child is getting the good academics and social support needed, you have to partner up with your school. You need to work as a team with the teachers and counselors of the school.

  • Many children benefit from attending regular educational classes with extra care, while other benefited with special educational classes or a combination of the regular and special education.
  • The children with Down Syndrome who attend school are entitled to an individualized education Plan. You create this plan with the school which addresses your child’s specific learning needs which are reviewed every year.
  • To set up an IEP contact the school counselor and make them schedule an evaluation, then you will attend meetings to create and improve the IEP.
  How To help A Child With Down Syndrome

Teach Them How to Make Friends

The children with Down Syndrome can benefit from practicing the social skills. Making friends is a difficult challenge for any child. But children with this condition can sometimes have a harder time dealing with the peers.

  • Explain them about the friendly and unfriendly manners. The kids who smile and use kind words and are good in interacting can be new good friends. The kids who ignore you, say mean things, laugh at you, or walk away are to be avoided.
  • Teach them how to start a conversation. Once your child learns about who to approach and from whom to stay away, teach them how to talk with new friends. Tell them how they should introduce himself.
  • Teach your child on how to deal with the rude or hurtful behaviors by other kids. Tell your kid about what he should do if someone is being mean or unkind.
  • Try to get along with other parents and help you child in interacting with their new friends.
How To help A Child With Down Syndrome  

Make Time For Yourself:

You can be a parent, sibling, grandparent or a caregiver of the child with Down Syndrome. Sometimes it can become harder in helping the child with special needs. When you feel like your patience is running low, take a break. Share the responsibilities with someone else and make some time for yourself.

  • Even if you get five minutes, spend it on relaxing. Go out for a walk, read, or do whatever you feel like relaxing.
  • Try to schedule things everyone, like an older sibling, can help with homework, a friend can give a company during play time, someone from home (like your parents or siblings) can have food with them, and you can help during the bedtime.
How To help A Child With Down Syndrome The Down Syndrome is one of the common chromosome unusualness in humans. It can occur in about one per 1000 babies born every year. As of 2013, it was present in about 8.5 million individuals which resulted in about 36000 deaths.

The Down Syndrome International (DSi) encourages the nations from the world to help them in raising awareness of what is Down Syndrome, What it means to be having Down Syndrome and People with Down Syndrome and how they play a role in our communities.

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