How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast & Naturally

How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast

Did you notice the dark areas under your eyes? Well, these dark circles are very bad and it completely changes the look of your face. Bad lifestyle, wrong food habits, long hours of work, stress and tension are the reasons of dark circles. You can easily see them under your eyes, but they are very hard to remove. Taking action on these dark circles is important, but if you do late, then they will become more prominent with age and time. You must know how To Get Rid Of Dark Circles in 2 days Fast and apply the methods to completely remove the dark circle. How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast

Why do dark circles occur?

It is not a serious problem in our daily lives, but the sudden discoloration really looks bad on your personality and lowers your self-esteem. Get Rid Of Dark Circles By Following These Simple Remedies

Almond Oil

The use of almond oil is very good under your eyes. The areas under the eyes are very delicate and this oil will perform the best to remove the dark circle from that particular areas. The use of vitamin E oil is very useful to that area. It has many medicinal properties that will give you smooth and useful benefit. Apply the oil under the eyes and gently massage before going to bed. Keep it overnight and then next morning wash it off and apply daily till it completely goes off.


Cut the raw potato in slice and then bring out the juice from the potato. Take a cotton ball and soak the juice in the ball and apply the same juice under the eyes. Keep the juice for 15 minutes and then wash it off. You can apply this method for once or twice in a week. You can also apply the thick potato slice and it will reduce the puffiness.


The bleaching properties in the tomato will help you lighten the dark area. Add one tbsp tomato juice with 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this mixture under the eyes and after 10 minutes wash it with water. You can apply it on 2 days in a week. You can also drink tomato juice to get the best result. You must know how to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast so you can get perfect eyes. Inlife_-Ad_336-x-280 (1)


It has astringent and skin-lightening properties and it soothe the puffiness under the eyes.  The cucumber is cold in nature and that is why; it gives you refreshing effect. You have seen in many parlors that they place two slices of cucumber on the eyes to give you cool effect. The process is also same at home. Try it and enjoy the benefit. How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles naturally

Rose water

Rose water is good to rejuvenate your face and eyes. It removes all the tiredness from the eyes. It also acts as a skin toner because of astringent. Take a cotton ball and soak in the rose water and then place the cotton balls on the closed eyes. Keep them for 15 minutes and then remove the cotton balls. It is really a great solution on how to remove dark circles in 2 days and stay happy always.

Tea Bags

The antioxidants and caffeine in the tea are beneficial and it is very much effective in removing the dark circles and puffiness. The properties of tea are really helpful and it lightens the dark areas under the eyes. It is really effective and gives you a better solution. Place tea bags on your eyes and get the result after a few weeks.

Coconut oil

It has moisturizing quality and it makes your skin smooth and you can stay away from fine lines and wrinkles. It also lightens the blackish effect under the eyes. Massage the oil on the affected area and keep for some time and then repeat the process for 2 times on a daily basis to get the good result.


It helps you reduce the dark circles because it contains anti-flammatory properties and antioxidant properties. Turmeric also brightens your skin and makes it more soft and smooth. Mix the turmeric powder with pineapple juice and then apply the paste on the affected areas. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash and dab with soft cloth to get the visible result. How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Additional Tips:

  • Do not rub eyes too frequently
  • Always wipe out the make-up before going to bed
  • Reduce your sun exposure
  • Drink plenty water
  • Have a balanced diet that will include vitamin A, E and C.
These are the home remedies for dark circles that are easy on your pockets and give you great satisfaction to remove the problem. You need patience and you should follow these tips to gain the confidence and look beautiful. Inlife_Ad_728-x-90 (8)

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