Simple and Natural Steps To Get Pregnant Faster!

6 Best Tips To Get Pregnant Fast Naturally

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If you are the one among those who are constantly thinking of How to get pregnant faster  or seeking ways for early conception, despair not! You have landed on the right page.

Pregnancy is one of the most special and beautiful phases of a woman’s life cycle. Of course, it is also a big responsibility as a parent. But when you think about all those little cries and laughter, tiny fingers holding your hands, a cute little pie calling you “mum” or “mommy”, it relieves you from all those stress and worries of life.

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Now once you are sure, trying to conceive may seem to be a lot of fun. You will always have an excuse to snuggle up and become cozy with your partner. Some of you might think that getting pregnant will just take a matter of days, but it can actually take a long time. Your body is capable of functioning normally, provided you pamper it with what it needs in adequate amounts. There are ways to help your body conceive naturally. So Ready to Get tips on getting pregnant fast now?

6 Tips For getting Pregnant

#1. Identify your Fertile period

Fertilization, depends on the fusion of egg with sperm. Hence, it is important for you to identify your fertile days, when the chances of fusion is highest so that you can plan your sexual activity accordingly.

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant, by identifying the fertile period or fertility window-usually six days before the ovulation day. This is the best time to get pregnant.

Women can keep a close tab on their ovulation, through the pregnancy calendar method. In a normal 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs around or on the 14th day, (day 1 being the first day of your period). You can also figure out your ovulation days by using an ovulation predictor kit. Another way to identify is by maintaining a temperature chart which says that around the time of ovulation, the temperature of a woman increases.

The egg released from the ovary can survive for twenty-four hours; whereas a man’s sperm is potentially active for over a period of more than forty-eight to seventy-two hours. So you can start having your meeting days from 3 days before your ovulation date. This is the cause when ovulation occurs on the 3rd day; the sperm will be ready to attack the released egg and fertilize it.

Note: Delaying your lovemaking for about a week can decrease your sperm motility while also having sex too often can affect your sperm quality. Hence plan it after every two days, for highest chances of pregnancy and make sure that you do not miss out at the time of ovulation.

#2. Nutrition

How to get pregnant faster?

For a healthy and safe pregnancy, it is really important that you should be healthy. You must remember, if you want your baby to be healthy, you need to be well nourished; that is making sure you are having all the essential vitamins and minerals required.

Having sufficient vitamin and mineral stores is also an important key when working towards conception. If your body has enough nutrients, your chances of conceiving is more. Especially, B vitamins, selenium, iron and Vitamin E, play a major role. Hence, those women who are planning for pregnancy are advised to take folic acid supplements for early conception. Folic acid also plays a key role in preventing any neural birth defects in infants. This is why expecting ladies are compulsory prescribed to take folic acid tablets during the first few months of their pregnancy.

Note that foods like gluten, wheat, alcohol, and caffeine are linked to infertility. Consumption of these will delay your chances of getting pregnant. If you are planning for pregnancy, you must also avoid any processed foods. Increase your intake of healthy fat over trans fat from sources like coconuts, coconut oil, olives and olive oil, butter, grass-fed meats, eggs, avocado and nuts. Make sure you include a lot of proteins in your diet, especially from grass fed meats, eggs, and nuts. Berries like cherry and raspberry boosts fertility– Have a cup of milk with one teaspoonful of cherry/raspberry paste or powder. Eat lots of vegetables, especially green leafy varieties like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard, chard, cabbage, sprouts and similar veggies.

Go for foods that are naturally rich in complex and simple carbohydrates, with low glycemic index. These foods do not cause insulin spikes and increases chances to get pregnant faster; eg. vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Remember to keep away from processed carbohydrates. And as always said drink lots of water and kept yourself hydrated.


Being under weight or over weight, both can impact fertility in men and women. But women need to be more particular to maintain or achieve a healthy body weight, as it allows better hormonal and body activities. Unhealthy body types in men can spur poor-quality semen.

For extreme lean women, the body is into starvation mode and sends a signal to the reproductive system that it’s not the right time to reproduce. In case of excess, i.e., over weight, increased insulin levels affect reproductive hormones and thereby shows a negative impact on ovulation. Always aim for a body mass index- the standardized measure of the ratio of height to weight. This is one of the good conceiving tips.

#4. Physical Fitness

Getting enough exercise is important for fertility, but too much can negate the effect. Excess and strenuous workouts, as in athletes, can constrain your body from ovulation, and as mentioned above, too little fat can also affect your chances of conceiving. So, here again, moderation is the key, regular moderate exercise can be a great way to boost your best days to get pregnant.

#5. Lifestyle

This relatively has a higher take these days. Poor or unhealthy lifestyle gives rise to hormonal problems, which eventually results in not being able to conceive. Topping the list are:

  1. Smoking/ Drinking Alcohol

For smokers, you got no better reason to quit, if not for anything on this earth.

  1. Recreational drugs

Shun the habit, if you indulge in any recreational drugs.

  1. Caffeine

Gynecologists and infertility specialists have also claimed that reduced intake of caffeine improves the chances of fertility. The same applies for alcohol and smoking.

  1. Sleep Deprivation

Make sure you grab 8-10 hours of quality sleep as it plays an essential role in the production of certain hormones. Lack of sleep diminishes the body’s ability to regulate adrenaline, cortisol and insulin properly, making conception more strenuous. Many studies have found that women with low melatonin and serotonin levels have a shorter luteal phase- the time between ovulation and menstruation and ultimately pose a lower chance of conceiving.

  1. Stress

Thinking of stress itself can stress you more. Stress can be worse when thinking on how to get pregnant. Women know better how stress can fluctuate their bodily responses in respect to their reproductive cycle including ovulation and menstruation.

Keep a cool head, relax, enjoy each others company and watch it work.

  1. Certain medications/supplements

Do check with your doctor if you’re under steroids or antidepressants or other hormone containing medication. Drugs, medication and alcohol, should also be avoided as they give rise to hormonal imbalances leading to infertility. Physical Fitness and lifestyle have direct bearing on pregnancy. Hence, you must make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle.

#6. Supplements

Pregnancy is always associated with extra care and nourishment. It calls for intake of supplements to fulfill the requirement of those extra nutrients, which your diet may not offer. So here are the supplements that will answer you how to get pregnant fast.

Extracts of grape seeds along with any other forms of Vitamin C play a considerable role in increasing the water content of cervical mucus, thereby facilitating the motility of sperm. You can take enough of these in form of supplements.

Supplements like coenzyme q10 may sometimes be recommended to men since it is known for its ability to increase the sperm count. Certain herbs like evening primrose and ginseng are also associated with boosting fertility in both, men and women.

Pregnancy can be achieved through combined efforts of both, male and female. A woman needs to fulfill more requirements since she is the one who is going to carry the unborn. However, the man, her counterpart also needs to take certain precautionary measures in addition to the responsibility of being a father.

Guy’s Watch-out Zone!

While planning for a baby, you must take care of following:

  • Refrain from wearing tight clothing that constricts your private parts.
  • Avoid taking hot showers.
  • Keep mobiles away from trouser pockets and off when possible- the radiation from mobile phones has been related to low-sperm count and other infertility issues.
  • Don’t place your laptops on your laps-studies have shown that men who often sit with their legs together with laptop computers rested on top can have lesser sperm production.

So follow these simple steps to get pregnant, and you never know you may conceive while trying out for the first time itself. You can also check out our next article on healthy and inexpensive ways to boost your fertility.

All the Best….Good Luck!

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      Hello Hamil,
      Yes, following the above tips will help one to get pregnant fast efficiently; unless you have any fertility problems. Hence, it is always advisable to pay visit to your gynaecologist as a couple and make sure if everything is perfectly normal to conceive.

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