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How To Fix Split Ends Without Going To Salon?

Are you trying out many remedies for your split ends? But what is the total result? You are still not satisfied with that. The solution to your problem just lies in your kitchen door. Trying out some natural home remedies won’t cost you anything but will give you satisfying results. As you know, Hair is the most sensitive part of our body. It joins a personification statement to the look of a person. But have you ever thought of watching in the mirror and to your horror, finding yourself with no hair? This probably would be the most painful and embarrassing moment of your life. Each and every day we will suffer with millions of dust particles, which swirl in the atmosphere because of over pollution. These particles along with various chemicals that we use have a negative impact on our hair. Among both genders women are the huge sufferers as they use these chemicals on a regular basis to get a lustrous look.These compounds consequence in gradual dryness and ultimately leads to split ends.Split ends are caused when the internal structure of the hair gets weak, dry and dusted. No need to worry and hurry for medications. The cure lies within your reach. Well then, take notes as we jot down some amazing natural home remedies to prevent split ends and the good news is you can find them easily available at home.

What Are Split Ends ?

What Are Split Ends ? Split ends are also called as trichoptilosis, are fraying or splitting of the hair shaft due to a wide range of reasons. Split ends can occur anywhere on the length of the hair.

What Causes Split Ends?

There are many causes and reasons for split ends they are

1. Excess Washing Of Hair

Lavish and too much washing of your hair may result in degradation in the quality of your hair. This can be one of the most common reasons for split ends.

2. Pollution

Every day you come in contact with large number of dust particles, fly ash and air pollutants that cannot be avoided because of the rising pollution.This also forms a reason by which you develop split ends.

3. Chemical Products

Nowadays few people use lots of stylers, gels, chemical shampoos, conditioners and straightening agents. All these influence the thickness of the hair due to the harmful chemicals present in them.This finally causes split ends.

4. Hot Water

Direct usage of very hot water on your hair tresses will result in dryness of hair, leading to split ends and high hair fall rate.

5. Bad Grade Plastic Products

By the utilization of bad category plastic combs, pins, rubber bands, etc., your hairstreaks tend to tear apart causing the ends of the hair to split.

6. Poor Hair Maintenance

Daily proper maintenance of your hair is very essential.Lack of cutting and trimming and poor maintenance also leads to split ends.

7. Hair Oiling

Improper oiling your hair can lead to dryness and enhances hair fall condition in you.

8. Hard Water

When you exactly wash your hair with hard quality water and water treated with chlorine it results in blockage of the hair pores.This gradually results in balding and split ends.

9. Sea Water

Daily sinking in seawater can also be one of the top most reasons for bad hair condition.The salt present in the water tends to affect the texture of the hair by acting as a corrosive agent.

10. Hair Dryers

Large use of hair dryer mostly by women increase the dryness of the hair resulting in split ends.

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

Natural Home Remedies For Split Ends

1. Egg Batter

1. Egg Batter Generally an Egg can be used as an important ingredient in the split hair treatment. There are many ways of using it.Some of the ways are as follows: • Mix an egg with some olive or almond oil ;  to form a batter. Apply this on your hair strands to remove dryness and get a glossy shine. Rinse it after 30-40 minutes. If you do not want to use access to olive oil then only beaten egg can also be used a hair mask. • You can also mix egg, orange juice and mashed banana along with some honey. Applying this mixture provides nourishment to the hair strands thereby making them thicker. This can be done once in 2 weeks.

2. Papaya Blend

Papaya Blend Papaya can also be used as an effective remedy for split ends. Papaya can be utilized in the following way. Take a ripe papaya and boil it in water.Sieve out the paste and drain the left out water.Now mix this paste with yogurt and apply it on your hair to feel regenerated. This aids in enhancing the blood flow to the vessels thereby improving the hair quality.

3. Castor Oil

3. Castor Oil By applying this strong combination castor oil, you easily get rid of split ends from your hair.Take some castor oil along with mustard and olive oil and Mix them in equal parts. Apply this amazing fully composition mixture on your hair tresses. Now leave your hair for about 45 minutes and then wash your hair with lukewarm water. This also makes your hair thicker and fuller. This therapy aids in oiling and preventing the dry scalp condition.

4. Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream Take ½ teaspoon of homemade natural whipped cream along with a cup of milk. Whip it properly using a mixer.If you want to add some conditioner you can. It’s your choice. Now apply this mixture and leave it to settle for about 20-25 minutes. After that rinse it off to get smooth, silky and shiny hair free from split ends hair.

5. Honey

5. Honey Take few drops of pure honey and add 1-teaspoon of curd and some carrot juice to it. Mix these powerful ingredients properly and apply it on your hair strands. Leave it still for about 20 minutes and then wash it in running water. This powerful technique will not only prevent inflammation and dandruff but also provide a lustrous effect to your hair. This is also one of the best split end treatments.

6. Beer Sheer

Beer Sheer Beer is a natural conditioner for your hair. Rinse your hard hair with beer after shampoo to get shiny and silky hair free from split ends. This is because the main and major ingredient alcohol helps in strengthening the roots by providing nourishment and enrichment. This improves the blood flow to the vessels and also prevents dryness. It also aids in removing all the dust. This split ends remedy works very well.

7. Avocado

Avocado Take an avocado fruit and mash it with a mortar. Now, add some olive or mustard oil. Your favorite conditioner can also be a substitute. Mix all these to form a paste. Apply this combination mixture to your hair and rinse it after 30 minutes with warm water to get relief from split ends. This is the best split end remover.

8. Olive Oil

Olive Oil Take some amount olive oil in a bowl and warm it. Massage this amazing warm oil on your scalp as well as on the split ends for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Daily usage of olive oil can aids in improving the hair quality and also will give a natural gloss to it.Olive oil can also be blended along with aloe vera gel. Apply this amazing combination for 20 to 30 minutes before taking a bath. Wash with plenty of water.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Take some dry coconuts and grate them properly into fine particles and collect in a container. Add water to some grated coconut. Boil the ingredients over a high flame till the water dries out leaving coconut oil. Apply this oil on your hair scalp as well as split ends to get an instant cure. This natural oil has several anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties due to which it checks the reoccurrence of dandruff.

10. Chamomile Tea

10. Chamomile Tea Purchase some chamomile tea bags from the market and then boil these bags in the water. Rinse your hair with this solution to get hair free from split ends and frizziness. You can also do massage for sometime to your hair with a conditioner before using this method.

11. Shea Butter

Shea Butter Shea butter has few essential properties which acts as an oiling agent for your hair strands. This butter can be used for massaging your hair; especially the split ends after shampoo. This provides good nourishment and cleanliness to the hair tresses and also frees them from getting tangled.

12. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter Cocoa butter supplies the same effect as that of shea butter. Massaging daily with this cocoa butter aids in preventing split ends and also provides a natural shine to your hairstreaks.

13. Argan Oil

Argan Oil Argan oil is a plant oil which is produced from the kernels of argan tree, which generally helps in providing nourishment to hair.It also helps in preventing dryness, dandruff, damaged pores and split ends.

14. Clarified Butter Or Ghee

Clarified Butter Or Ghee Take some amount of clarified butter (milk fat separated from melted butter) or ghee.Warm it properly and massage it into your hair.Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water to get relief from frizziness and split ends.

15. Black Lentil Pack

Black Lentil Pack   Take ½ cup of black lentil seeds and some fenugreek seeds and blend them into powdered form. Add some amount of olive oil and yogurt to the ground mixture.Mix them properly to form a thick paste.If you want, you can also add mehndi to get color. Now apply this mixture all the way to your hair and leave it still for about 45-50 minutes.After that wash your hair with plenty of water to get a lustrous feel.It also helps in cleaning the blocked pores thereby improving hair quality.

16. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil Apply your routine favorite shampoo or conditioner on your hair tresses and do not wash. After the conditioner gets absorbed into your hair, apply some this jojoba oil to the scalp and massage continuously. Wash your hair in plenty of water after 20 minutes. This helps in eliminating the dryness and prevent split ends. This oil also helps to stop receding hairline and regrow the hair naturally.

17. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise You must have tasted mayonnaise on your sandwich. How yummy it feels! This can also be utilized to cure your split ends because of the essential oil and fat present in it. Yes, that’s right! Take some amount of mayonnaise in a cup and add some aloe vera sap to it.Blend them properly and use it as a hair mask.This mask can be applied once in 3 weeks.This helps in removing dandruff and helps in oiling of hair.

18. Yummy Banana

Yummy Banana Take a fully ripen banana and mash it into a paste with your hands.To this mashed banana add an egg, few drops of honey and some milk.Mix them properly. You may have a question of how to avoid split ends? Then apply this amazing mixture on your hair tresses to avoid frizziness.Wash it after 30 minutes.This banana mask acts as an agent for damage control and also repairs the hair strands.

How To Prevent Split Ends?

To avoid the frequent occurrence of the problem of split ends you need to follow certain tips and tricks.The tips for proper hair care is given below. • Wet hair should be dried before you combing it. Wet hair generally tends to form tangled knots, which, if combed results in breakage and thereby split ends. • Regular use of cosmetics and straightening agents should be avoided to prevent your hair from exposure to harmful chemicals and other additives. • In a view to avoid dust and pollutants, try to cover your head before going out. This would preserve you from these pollutants and prevent the atmospheric dust to settle at the base of the scalp. This will keep your hair healthy. • Get regular trimming of your hair in every two months. Short hair tends to be easier to manage and to look after. • Use a good quality conditioner on your hair. A conditioner aids in maintaining the moisture of hair and keeping it hydrated even after washing. • Use mild anti-dandruff shampoo for washing your hair. This is because they contain fewer chemicals. • Try to use a wide toothed comb as it helps in easy detangling of your hair. • Consume foods (brown rice, lentils, almonds, soybeans) containing nutrients such as folic acid and biotin that improves the blood flow. This will give you continuous nourishment and also helps in keeping the hair tresses enriched. • How to remove split ends? Drink sufficient water to remove toxins from your blood. The cleaner the blood better is the hair growth. Above were some home remedies and some tips to prevent hair problems like split ends. Try them they can be very helpful for you. Little maintenance and guidance will leave you with lustrous and beautiful locks of hair. I hope the above article is very helpful to you. Try some of the natural home remedies and we will love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.  

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