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How your body language can communicate behalf of you?

How your body language can communicate behalf of you?

Each individual has a different kind of body languages while they communicate via a verbal and non-verbal method. Every person is aware of verbal communication which is common.

Apart from this people often try to communicate with their body language that proved to be fruitful enough. Sometimes you can find people who do not say anything but if you observe his/ her body language you can very well understand what exactly they want to say.

How your body language can communicate behalf of you?

Body languages help one person to express his/ her need both in professional and personal life. According to a survey, one can find there are eighty-three percent populations communicate via a non-verbal method. It can so happen that – you could not connect to others with your verbal output, but then the body language can be treated as the best among all to cherish proper communication to someone. Though you can find different kinds of body languages, but you can find some of them might not be understandable.

Few-Body Languages for One to Understand –And Communicate Well

Open Body Languages: –

Open Body Languages

Many individuals often feel nervous during the time of handshake, thus one must straighten his or her back for the same and push the body in the front for a good handshake with warmth.

Body Languages Based On Emotion: –

Body Languages Based On Emotion

An individual can manage attention with his different emotions.  One can find a nervous person has a pale and dull face, biting nails or often he or she drinks water so that lips do not get dry. The voice tone also changes and leads to high-end disruption and shaking. When such situation happens an individual takes a deep breath and hold the same for the long end duration.

Avoid Blocking – Body Languages: –

Avoid Blocking – Body Languages

While you are preparing for a presentation – you must want that the presentation would be the best one, right? And then you find that the tables, chairs, computers, files often are creating disturbances while the speech is on. One must in such situation avoid the blocking and see straight to the audience If a person is found that he or she is listening to what you are saying, but is working on the computer, while some have a crossed leg or folded hands that mean those individuals are not interested whatever you are saying and possess a mind blockage. This is what one can call blocking body gesture.

Mark Someone While He is Telling a Lie: –

Mark Someone While He is Telling a Lie

When a person lies and they often try to hide that within their speech. Might be a person gets success during the communication – but that person’s body language communicates that he or she is telling the untruth stuff. Apart from this one fails to make a proper eye contact with the audience. Along with the same the voice intonation fails- that is it shakes and the throat becomes dry and this can be well identified while the discussion is on with that individual. Without any specific reason if a person sweats during the time of speaking or fails to make an eye contact, do be aware of that person. This would surely reveal that the individual is speaking the untruth and falsifying things.

Spacing Based on Consideration: –

Spacing Based on Consideration

During the time of a meeting, one has to remember about the gap between the person and others. It is found that the communicator often continues to speak at a go without much pause, while other audiences prefer gaps. This can really make the communication interesting or monotonous sometimes.

Recognize the patterns of body languages: –

Recognize the patterns of body languages

Communication via body languages is changing with different people. Individuals now days have to be very careful while formulating the non-verbal communication. The best way to find your right body or face expression is to stand in front of the mirror and start the communication  or provide a presentation with own self.

A maximum number of people often use the hand and body gestures while communicating with others and they always make a judicious use of their body. Some move inside the room during the speech some also use signs while in motion. The communicator too most of the time imitate others for best friendlier note. Now for the communicator facial expression is the must. There are about more than 250,000 gestures or expression, and any individual is capable of making the same at any point of time.  These above are the best way to understand how your body can best communicate even if you aren’t speaking.

How your body language can communicate behalf of you?


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