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How to Care For Your Nails At Home

How to Care For Your Nails At Home

Do you know that the shape, texture and length of your nails talk a lot about the basic hygiene, health and styling sense of yours? Personal grooming does not only include dressing up in a modern style, but it also includes keeping well maintained and gorgeous looking nails. Well, maintained nails accentuate your level of confidence. You don’t have to rush to the parlors every month and spend money for manicure and pedicure.

So, how cool will it be if you get the same results at home? Here are some home remedies to ensure the best nail care at home.

Keeping Your Nails Clean

The most important nail treatment at home starts with keeping your nails clean. For this, you need to take a bowl of soap water and a soft brush. Soak your hands in the bowl for a few minutes and then clean the nails with the brush. This ensures that there is no dirt or germ accumulation in the nails. Use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells. This will keep your nails in regularly manicured, and parlor styled. This will show you how clean nails can do wonders to your style statements.

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Keep Your Nails Dry

Always try to keep your nails dry, because wet nails can procure bacteria and fungus under the cuticles of your nails. Also, if you expose your nails to water for a long time, it leads to split nails that look awkward. So to avoid this always wear a pair of gloves while doing your household chores.

Cuticle Removing

Never tear the cuticles forcefully. Instead, use a gel to remove the cuticles or after applying the gel use a clip to push away the cuticles smoothly.

Use Sharp Clippers While Trimming Your Nails

Always use sharp clippers to trim your nails. Blunt tools can cause serious damage to your nails. Trim your nails on a regular and give your nails the perfect shape so that it looks awesome.

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Always Use Good Hand Moisturizers

Moisturizers are a must when it comes to nail care at home. Always apply a good moisturizer twice a day to keep your hands soft. Apply the good quality moisturizer both on the cuticles and on the nails. You can try olive oils to moisturize our hands. Apply it before bedtime and wake up with soft and glowing hands with nails beautifully manicured.

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Apply a Nail Hardener

If you find your nails becoming brittle, then you may try a nail hardener after consulting your doctor. It will help in the strengthening of your nails. You can also try calcium gels to have the same effect. But it will take time. You can’t expect to get the best results overnight.

Biotin Might Help

Biotin is a nutritional supplement that can help in the strengthening of brittle and weak nails.

A Proper Hand Massage

Relax your hands by giving them a proper hand massage. This ensures proper blood circulation and, as a result, proper and healthy nail growth. Massage your hands with olive oil and see the results after a few days.

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Do Not Expose Your Nails in Too Cold

A fall in the temperature may lead your nails to become dehydrated and as a result, it becomes more prone to breakage and discoloration.

Limit Nail Polish Use

It is very important to let your nails breath. So avoid using too much of a nail paint. Use it only on occasions. Also to keep your nails retain its original color; always apply the base coat first before applying the nail paint.

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Use Acetone Free Nail Remover

To remove the nail paint, always use an acetone free remover to prevent thinning of the nails and subsequently its breakage. Acetone can also dehydrate nails. You can also try for some oil-based nail paint removers.

Stop Biting Your Nails

This is a very bad habit as it will damage the nails. It makes the nails more prone to germs and bacteria. Even a small cut in the nails can cause serious damage.

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Never Ignore Nail Problems 

If you experience serious problems in your nails that persist even after days, then it is time to consult a dermatologist.  Problems in the nails can cause serious health issues if not diagnosed properly.   

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Avoid Toluene or Formaldehyde

Always buy superior quality nail paint products. Avoid the nail paints that contain formaldehyde or toluene-like substances. It can cause permanent damage to your nails.

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Eat Balanced Diet

Nail treatment at home also includes eating a balanced diet to keep your nails healthy and gorgeous. Calcium is a very important nutrient that is required for the overall development of healthy nails. Apart from calcium, there are Vitamin A, Zinc, Phosphorous, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Silica that the body needs to prevent your nails from breakage, chipping, and discoloration.

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Don’t Use Nails To Open Cans

Do not use your nails to open cans and bottles or to remove staples from a bunch of papers. Your nails may be uprooted totally and can cause serious damage and injury.

Avoid Dark Nail Paints

If you are more of a style person and cannot go without painting your nails, then go for lighter shades instead of dark colored paints. As it may cause your nails to lose the natural colors and decolorize them. Apply a nail coat before applying the paint. This will keep your nails safe.


Do Not Use Blade to Remove Paints

If you do not have nail-polish remover at home, wait till you buy it. Never use a blade in a hurry to remove your nail paints. It will damage the smooth texture of your nails and make it brittle and more prone to breakage.

Do Not Cut Nails Deeper

You should not cut your nails deeper into the skin. It will cause pain and blood, and you will not be able to perform your daily chores for some days due to the pain.

These are some of the home remedies which will give you some ideas how clean nails can be maintained.


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