How to balance hormones naturally? Read more to know

How to balance hormones naturally?

Hormones are some biochemical compounds present in the human body which are responsible for bodily functions which are created in endocrine glands. It can simple human needs like Hunger to other complex systems like reproduction and even responsible to balance hormones and to regulate the emotions. Patients can control their health by understanding their functions in the body. A healthy person replicates that all the hormones are in a perfect ratio. We do experience slew of health problems when the rati0 of hormones are unbalanced.

Hormonal imbalance may have symptoms like poor digestion, irritability, fatigue, sudden weight gain and many other problems.  Estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline, and insulin are extremely important hormones which have an overall effect on the human body. Human Organs and various glands like thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas play a major role in secreting the hormones in the human body.  the endocrine system controls the level of hormones and circulates throughout the body. A slight imbalance of hormones can cause major health problems.

balance hormones naturally


Cut out the bad fat:

A proper balance of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats should be maintained for a healthy body, as they are responsible for creating cells in the body. Diet within recommended limits may not be harmful, but diets containing excessive polyunsaturated fats as found in vegetable, canola, peanut, and soybean oils should be avoided as they cause various health problems, hormonal imbalances etc.

Excessive use of polyunsaturated fats may lead to cell mutation and causes hormonal malfunctions. The reason is illustrated as these fats are molecularly unstable and prone to oxidation compared to other products. While in the absence of stable fats, The human body uses these unstable fats to build new cells which ultimately causes malfunctioning of hormones.

Exercise Wisely:

Regularly engaging in a physical activity is the best natural way to balance the hormone levels in the body. It regulates the hormonal production and following a  fitness routine which is composed of short sets using heavy weights will greatly benefit the body by releasing healthy hormones into the blood.

Cortisol levels in the body can be lowered and triggers the release of mood-elevating brain chemicals. Mood swings is a major effect of hormonal imbalance and can be controlled with regular meditation. Imparting, yoga and relaxation exercises in your schedule can stimulate hormone functions and reduce stress.
Go for swimming, walking, jogging and also do other light exercises for 20 to 30 minutes daily or at least few times in a week.

Consume probiotics  and healthy foods:

Consume probiotics and healthy foods
Leaky gut is a medical condition which affects the digestive tract and also causes hormone issues. These problems are responsible for arthritis and thyroid disorders.

The other major problem is when undigested food particles leak into your bloodstream through the gut which is responsible for inflammation which has an overall impact on the body. The thyroid is a  more sensitive gland which often reacts with leaky gut syndrome.

Deficiency of probiotics is responsible for several diseases and this can be countered with consumption of probiotics. This regulates and also improve the production of hormones like insulin, ghrelin, and leptin.

Avoid processed foods and foods containing gluten, hydrogenated oils, and sugar as they damage the digestive system. Regular consumption of probiotic rich foods like Yogurt and other fermented products can aid in repairing your gut lining and balances the hormones

Get sufficient sleep to balance hormones:

By getting sufficient sleep the body can heal itself and balance the hormone levels naturally. Sleep balances hormones, supply energy and relax the body. Following a regular sleeping and wake-up cycle relieves you from developing stress. Unless the body gets  7-8 hours of sleep every night, it’s not working in your favor. Disturbing the natural circadian rhythm of your body is extremely responsible for hormonal imbalance.


Get sufficient sleep to balance hormones
Lastly, you can balance the hormones with great diet, regular exercise and getting sufficient sleep. Stress is another major contributor for hormone imbalances. Practice mind-body techniques to create a balance and develop a greater sense of wellbeing which ultimately promotes optimum health. Educate yourself which food suits your body and regularly consume healthy foods combined with regular exercise in your schedule.

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