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How can you train your brain to boost Self-confidence?

How can you train your brain to boost Self-confidence

How many of you can say ‘yes’ without any second thought if someone asks you this question? – Are you as confident as you would like to be? Not everyone! All of us would like to have more confidence. Be it more body confidence and confidence in interviews or be it confidence in relationships and career confidence, it’s pretty sure that everyone of here has an area in our life where we should boost our confidence. It had been understood that every one of us ought to be cautious to survive. But the things we are worrying about are certainly not the things we need to worry about today. So, how do we train our brain to boost confidence?

Stop Generating Random Thoughts

A research says that an average human being is generating 65,000 thoughts every day approximately. Among these 85 to 90 % of the thoughts are about negative things to worry about or else fear. Those thoughts are nothing but the warnings to yourself. Those thoughts are probably the left over from our cave-dwelling past.

Stop Generating Random Thoughts

When you think about it, it certainly makes sense, when we stick our hand in a flame accidentally our brain makes sure that we don’t ever do that again since we feel immense pain. But in fact, this survival mechanism works against us since it causes us to focus on our fears rather than dreams or hopes.

Here, the point is to be aware of the way your brain works. You first need to understand that and keep that negativity in proportion. What you have to understand is your thoughts are just thoughts. That doesn’t mean it should necessarily represent an objective reality.

Don’t Forget – Dogs Don’t Chase Parked Cars

Dogs Don’t Chase Parked Cars

There is probably a good reason that you are going somewhere if you are running into any opposition, doubts, and questions. But this doesn’t mean you should just ignore the warning signs. It does mean you should put those negatives in a perspective. No one will ever object to anything you do if you don’t make the changes, and challenge the status quo.

Move On From Your Comfort Zone

Move On From Your Comfort Zone

Do you know a funny thing about comfort zones? When we decide to step out on a regular basis, they just expand! And they just shrink if we stay within them. So, avoid getting trapped inside a comfort zone that is always shrinking. So push yourself to do things that are outside from your comfort zone.

No one can refuse the experiences where we have done something that terrified us to the core and then we discovered it wasn’t so bad. We have to realize that we won’t have someone standing by our side to kick us out of our comfort zones always. So we have to do it by and for ourselves. What are you waiting for? Just act!

Affirm Yourself To Get Confidence

Affirm Yourself

Affirmations are a powerful tool when you want to deliberately install desired beliefs about yourself. But, we tend to behave in accordance with our self-image. The trick here is to make a lasting change that could change how you view yourself!

These affirmations are uplifting and positive statements that we say to ourselves. Moreover, normally these are more effective if said out loud. We have a habit of believing whatever we tell ourselves every now and then.

In order to get your brain to accept the positive statements quickly, phrase your affirmations as questions such as, “Why am I so good at driving?” instead of “I am so good at driving.” When you do this, your brain will be biologically wired to seek answers to the questions you ask, without even analyzing whether the question is valid or not.

Don’t forget to ask for help

Don't forget to ask for help

First of all, don’t assume that people know what you want. You will have to figure it out what that is, and then educate “the people.”

Once they know what you want, and where and why you want their help, then you may be surprised at how good of a help they are. People will be really flattered when you ask for advice as well as support. If someone says no then you can always ask someone else. But in general, they rarely say no.

We can also train our mind to become more confident by seeking out role models to reevaluating how we think about failure and by consciously taking specific action. Always train your brain to feel the confident you without needing to see the outcome first. This will give you full control over your self-confidence. So, now you are no longer vulnerable to the people or the circumstance.


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