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Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Are you curious to know whether you have conceived or not but do not have the time to visit the doctor until you are pretty sure about it? This article on how to confirm pregnancy without tests will let you announce the good news of the baby bump if any.

A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes even in the earliest stages of pregnancy which only an experienced eye can make out. Ancient women did not have the opportunity to buy pregnancy kits over the medical counters; so they adopted homemade methods which are now known as DIY pregnancy tests.

Here are some of those homemade pregnancy tests discussed, have a look at these.

Natural symptoms

Have you missed your period lately or experiencing a high body temperature with nausea? Are your breasts becoming tender, do you feel like puking all the time whenever you are trying to eat something? Then you might be expecting. To ensure that you may require doing the following homemade tests that will tell you how to confirm pregnancy before rushing to the doctor.


Toothpaste Test

You might be wondering what toothpaste has to do with pregnancy. Yes, your toothpaste can show the early signs of pregnancy. If the color of the plain white toothpaste turns light blue on adding urine to it or if the toothpaste starts to foam or froth then it indicates that there is HCG hormone in the urine. HCG hormone is human chorionic gonadotropin that is produced in the body during the formation of the placenta that protects the embryo formed.

Toothpaste tube

Dandelion Leaves

Pluck fresh dandelion leaves most preferably those growing under a shaded region because of the ensured efficiency. Take two to three leaves and place it in a container. Add the first-morning urine to it and let the leaves submerged in it completely. Leave it like that for 10 minutes. If you find red blisters formed on the surface of the leaves, then it is the indication that you are going to be a mom soon.



Take a pinch of bleach in a container and add a sample of your morning urine on it. If the bleach fizzes or foams then, you might be pregnant. As bleach is a chemical substance, it is advisable to conduct this test in an open area to avoid the noxious fumes. If you do not have bleaching powder ready at your house, you can also perform this test using soap water. If it bubbles then, you are pregnant.

Opened plastic container with cream on a white background.

Mustard Powder

Have you skipped your period and are worried? Here is an easy solution for you. In a tub of hot water add some mustard powder in it and soak yourself for half an hour. Then take a shower with plain water. If your period starts in a day or two, then it is fine. If there are no signs of your period, then you might be pregnant.


Urine itself

Your first morning urine itself can tell you whether you are pregnant or not. Leave it for 24 hours in a container and if you see a white layer forming at the top, then you are pregnant.

Vinegar and tuna juice test 

Do you want to know about your pregnancy that too at the lowest price? White Vinegar is an easy solution for you. All you have to do is collect a sample of your first morning urine and add it to a cup of vinegar and tuna juice. If the color changes to green, then you have very good news to share. Otherwise, there is time to plan later.

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Sugar Test

2 – 3 spoonful of sugar can also get your doubts cleared. Add a sample of your morning urine to 2 – spoonful of sugar. If you see that even after some time the sugar has not dissolved and has formed lumps in it, then congrats you are pregnant. The HCG hormone present in the urine of pregnant women does not let the sugar dissolve in the urine.

Hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol

If you have easy access to chemical stores, then only you can find this homemade pregnancy test convenient. Crush a little amount of Tylenol and add an equal proportion of hydrogen peroxide to it. Then add your urine sample to the mixture and wait for some time. If you see the color of the mixture turning blue, then it confirms your pregnancy.

Baking soda test

Are you curious to know the gender of your child? You may go ahead with this test but do not be too serious about the result because these techniques are not full proof. Add urine to 2 -3 spoons of baking soda. If the mixture fizzes then it is a baby boy, whereas if the mixture remains normal then you are expecting a princess in your womb.


Wheat and barley seed

This is an age-old technique used by ancient Egyptian women. Adding urine to wheat and barley seeds till they germinate. If the wheat seeds germinate then, it is a boy and if the barley seeds germinate then you are carrying a girl child.

Pine Sol Test

You will get readymade Pine-sol at the grocery shop; otherwise, you can also prepare pine sol at home by mixing the pine cones, twigs, needles, and leaves together. Add your urine sample to the pine sol. If the color changes then, you are positive. It is better to use commercial pine sol for this test.

These are the simple methods to answer your query on how to confirm pregnancy. This article though helps you to know how to confirm pregnancy without tests that are without medical tests; these homemade methods have many drawbacks. They are not 100 % accurate and the amount of the ingredients to be taken for the test is also not tested or mentioned anywhere. Also, the time required for the tests to come to a conclusion is also not backed by any scientific logic whatsoever. So there is always confusion as what quantity should be taken so that the accuracy of the results is not affected anyway.

Hence it is always be better after doing the home remedies always go for a full proof blood test to prove your pregnancy.

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