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Home Remedy for Pink Eye That Works Every Time

The colloquial term for pink eye is conjunctivitis. The swelling of the conjunctiva of the eyes is known as pink eye or conjunctivitis.

What is conjunctiva?

The conjunctiva is the mucous layer that borders the eye top and eyelids. The bordering of the eye is generally clear but if irritation occurs there then swelling happens, and this swelling is termed as pink eye. The swelling slowly turns into redness of the eye. This is the time when you seriously need to treat your eyes with some instant remedies. The irritation increases if it is not treated at the right time. This article is a guide for you to treat pink eye. This article mainly deals with homely remedies for pink eyes.


Types of pink eye

There can be different causes of your pink eye. To get treatment for your pink eye, you need to know what kind of conjunctivitis have affected you. Viral pink eye is the one which is caused by common cold and can be treated with eye drops. Viral conjunctivitis stays for 2-3 days and slowly reduces when cold gets reduced. Bacterial and Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when your eyes are affected by any bacteria or any sort of allergy. These two types of conjunctivitis can be treated by homely remedies that are discussed in this article.

Home remedies for pink eye

When you are affected by conjunctivitis, then the irritation is too much and going to doctor is a long term process. You need immediate relief and only home remedies for conjunctivitis could give you that. Treating conjunctivitis through homely ways is one of the best solutions. So read this section thoroughly in order to know the quick treatment of pink eyes.

Ice can be an immediate relief

As soon as you are affected with conjunctivitis, you can start applying ice. The swelling and the redness of the eye makes the area hot and hence the level of irritation increases. Applying ice immediately will relief you to some extent.

cold compress

Keep honey near you

Honey is one of the most important remedies for pink eye. When you are suffering from conjunctivitis, then be sure that honey is the best relief to your irritation. Take a little bit of honey at your fingertips and slowly apply it on the swelled area of your eyes. After some time, you will feel less itching, and the swelling too dissolves.


Salt water is a quick relief

Saline water or salt water is an essential ingredient for conjunctivitis treatment. It is advisable to use distilled water rather than using tap water since tap water may contain germs or impurities. Boil the distilled water in a container and put 1-2 tablespoon of salt in it. Let the solution cool down completely before using. After the solution is cold, apply it in the swelled areas of your eyes with a clean washed cloth. Keep the cloth in the affected area for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it. Continue this process 2-3 times a day till your conjunctivitis is completely healed.


Potatoes are your friend

Raw potatoes are considered to be one of the effective home remedies for pink eyes. Cut the raw potato into thick slices and put one slice on your affected eye. This will immediate relief your eyes from itching, and the redness will also reduce with time.


Two drops of Fresh milk

If you have someone in your home who are breastfeeding, then you can apply that milk. If it is not available, then any form of fresh milk can be applied to your eyes. Keep in mind the milk has to be fresh. Put a few drops of milk in your eye and you will see the difference. This is a good home remedy for conjunctivitis treatment.

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Compress your eyes

Another quick relief to your irritation can be compression. Take a clean piece of cloth and warm it using an iron. Make sure it is not too hot for your delicate eyes, just make it warm. Apply the cloth to the affected eye and keep it for some time.  Continue this process for at least half an hour and repeat this 2-3 times a day. Take proper rest in order to get well soon.


Grapes can save you

Mountain grapes are also known to be a quick remedy for pink eyes. The grape plant is beneficial due to its powerful medicinal ingredients. It is a powerful eye wash used for many eye diseases. Applying some of it to your conjunctivitis will reduce your pain at a much faster rate.


Boric Acid can heal it

This acid is rich in boron and is highly recommended for any sort of burns or cuts. The boron in it acts as an antibacterial element and hence is used for different medical help. Applying a little bit of boric acid to your pink eyes is a good remedy.


Tea bags are medicines

Tea of various types is a good antibacterial element that reduces inflammation. You can keep a moist tea bag on your eyes suffering from conjunctivitis to get an instant relief. On the first day when you are affected with conjunctivitis, you can start following this remedy for 3-4 times a day.

woman lying with tea bags on her eyes

These are some of the homely remedies that can be used to treat your pink eye or conjunctivitis. When you get affected with pink eyes, then you can keep this article near you so that it helps you to remind about the quick relief of your irritation and helps you to get well soon.

While these are some of the conjunctivitis treatment, you should always take good care in order to avoid it. Prevention is always better than cure and so taking good care prior is a good way of reducing the risk of getting affected by conjunctivitis. Always keep yourself clean. Hygiene plays an important role. Make sure to wash your hands each time before you touch your eyes. Do not share your personal items like hand towels, tissues and other things with anyone. Keep yourself clean and avoid getting affected with pink eyes.

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