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Home Remedies To Remove Your Ear Wax

Home Remedies To Remove Your Ear Wax
Generally all know that ear wax is not a major problem, until it becomes impacted. It can be relieved quickly at home. However, ear wax buildup can cause serious conditions like vertigo, tinnitus and temporary ear hearing loss. Though, there are always lot of methods available in the today market for ear wax removal, but care should be taken as the ear is a very sensitive part of our body. So, any carelessness needs to be avoided while removing the ear wax. One can relieve ear wax and thus all these conditions using simple natural home remedies.


Ear wax can cause due to irritation when there is a blockage of ear or impaction due to its accumulation deep inside the ear canal. The wax gets pushed up deeper into the ear while inserting cotton swabs into it, hence, it causes blockage and discomfort.
  • Another most obvious reason is the use of any pointed object, such as bobby pins, inside the ear in order to remove the superficial wax, which pushes the earwax more inside into the ear.
  • People, who are with use ear plugs or hearing aids, are more prone to ear wax blockage.


  • A change in hearing level. Mild hearing problem.
  • Pressure in the ear.
  • Ringing sound in the ears.
  • Increased sensitivity to sounds from the inside of the body, specially when alone in quiet environment.
  • Itching sensation in the ears.
  • In severe cases, there may even be vertigo.

Here are few home remedies to treat ear wax

Warm water

Warm water One may be wondering how water is beneficial for the ear. Just boil some water and then cool it to a temperature which can be tolerated by the skin. Cool it a little further because the eardrum is quite sensitive. Then, push some amount of water into the affected ear using a vial with a small hole in it. You can also dissolve salt in warm water and put this salt water in the ear without pressure. Salt water is more effective in dislodging wax from the ear canal.

Olive oil

Olive oil This oil can be used to pour in the ears. Warm olive oil slightly. Then, put it into a vial and squeeze 3 to 5 drops of olive oil in your ear. Let it stay there for 5-10 minutes. Move the external ear to move the oil inside the canal in different directions. Finally, invert the ear to drain out the olive oil. Now, use warm water to drain out the olive oil that is left in the ear. This comprehensive process of cleaning is great for taking ear wax out of the ear canal. If this natural home remedy does not work in the first go, then probably the wax has dried out or impacted. In that case, put warm olive oil every night for about 5 nights. Drain it out within 5 minutes. By the sixth day, ear wax should be quite loose and detached from the canal. Use warm water to flush it out.

Garlic oil

Garlic oil This oil is made from garlic and it also has few powerful activities against the bacteria which may infect the ear. Garlic oil should be mixed in olive oil and then put in the ear just like olive oil is put. Use just a few drops of garlic oil in a vial full combination of olive oil. It heals the ear and it can also extract ear wax as well as relieve other ear conditions which may be caused by an ear infection.


Vinegar Add equal amounts of water and vinegar. Warm them up slightly and then use a bulb syringe to drive it into the ear canal. Drain it out by standing near the sink. Vinegar is also more helpful in cleansing your ear off wax. But, one should not use undiluted vinegar into the ears.

Move the Jaws

Move the Jaws As a daily exercise, move your jaws up and down for about 3 – 4 minutes. This simple exercise helps to bring ear wax to the outside in the long run. It can also prevent ear wax build up and you can easily remove the ear wax using this olive oil. A useful tip that goes well with this exercise . Keep massaging the ear often. Use your fingers to pull on the ear in few different directions. This also assists the ear in unclogging the ear. This can be used by adults and also used for few kids to keep your ear canal healthy and also to be working fine. During bathing, do not allow water to enter the ear as it can clog the ears. By following all these above natural home remedies you can get rid of earwax and if your problem is severe you should consult your doctor immediately.  

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